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Using the Hominoidnet, I have uncovered ANTI-SASQUATCH PROPAGANDA published in Human news-papers from the 1930s and 1940s! Here is a BLATANT EXAMPLE from 1934:

'Are they the LAST CAVE MEN?'

First of all: WE DO NOT LIVE IN CAVES!!! That is a VICIOUS LIE that was spread in an attempt to DENY us our RIGHTFUL FORESTS!!! Second: WE DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT!!! Thirdly: WE ARE NOT THE STRANGE ONES!!! Fourthly: I am certain that the Human in the floaty thing -- TOM CEDAR!!! -- must have been UP TO NO GOOD if that Sasquatch hurled boulders at him! WE DO NOT WASTE GOOD THROWIN' BOULDERS IN THE WATER WITHOUT A REASON!!! But the Human media makes TOM CEDAR sound all INNOCENT and VICTIMIZED!!! Typical!



Strike Fear Into Indian Children

Chehalis Tribes Claim to Have Seen Hairy Men Who Live in Caves and Subterranean Caverns.

HARRISON MILLS, B.C., March 3.—(C.P.)—Indian children stayed close to their mothers' apron strings, for the fearsome "Sasquatch" had returned to spread terror through peace-loving Chehalis tribes.

Stories of these hairy creatures, men and women, are among the weirdest of the tribal legends; but none had been seen for 30 years until it was whispered recently through the Indian lodges that the dreaded wild men of the Chehalis hills were again "on the prowl".

Then Frank Dan saw a "Sasquatch". Investigating the persistent barking of his dog at night, Dan came face to face with a hairy giant who, according to Dan, was tall and muscular, prowling in the nude. He was covered with black hair from head to foot except for a small space around the eyes.

Dan ran breathlessly into his house and secured the door. Peeking through the window, he saw the giant stride leisurely into the nearby bush and disappear.

The Indians say the Sasquatch dwell in caves and subterranean caverns on the borders of lakes in the mountain fastnesses. Many strange tales are told of the appearances of the elusive people.

A Chehalis woman related that, when her husband was returning from the hunt with a score or more of ducks he had shot, a Sasquatch stepped out of the bush and took the ducks from him—except one, which the giant stuffed into the shirt of the frightened Indian.

[The Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), 1934-03-03, p. 4.]

There were many different versions of the above squeakings in different Human papers! One version that was published the following day in THE LIMA NEWS had the additional LIBELOUS LIE that Sasquatch "are things of HORROR, emerging to 'SNATCH' an Indian into the unknown and to DEVOUR BABIES"!!!

AS EXPECTED, all this anti-Sasquatch YELLOW JOURNALISM drove CRAZY CALIFORNIA HUMANS to SPY on us and try to "LASSO" us:

Californians Out To Bag Legendary 'Sasquatch'

VANCOUVER (B.C.), April 9.—(U.P.)—America's first sasquatch-catching expedition headed into the mountains of British Columbia to-day on a hunt for the horrible, hairy, naked bogey-man of Indian legend.

J. F. Blakeney and C. K. Blakeney, brothers, of Sacramento, medical students at the University of California, read reports of frightened tribesmen that the giant baby-snatcher of old had been seen recently in the mountain of Harrison Lake and determined to attempt to photograph or lasso a "sasquatch."

The fabled sasquatch, as described in Indian lore for hundreds of years, is about as villainous a phantasm as ever frightened a little papoose anywhere, but adult Indians also are fearful of the monsters.

They are supposed to lurk in caves and glades of British Columbia, coming out in the twilight to peer moodily into Indian teepees, to glower and snatch at children, to steal food, play diabolical tricks, and even kill warriors.

"Our professor of anthropology will be much interestedd" said the Blakeneys, as they left for the haunts of the sasquatch.

British Columbia is a happy hunting ground for weird legends, and there is no lack of witnesses who will swear to them, as hundreds have sworn they have seen ogopogo, the sheep-headed fresh-water serpent of Lake Okapogan, and the two big salt-water sea-serpents, hiaschuckaluck cadborosaurus and his "wife," Amy.

[The Fresno Bee (Fresno, CA), 1934-04-09, p. 1.]

PREDICTABLY, the Human media ignores these invasions of OUR privacy and instead focus on SALACIOUS, FICTITIOUS tales of Sasquatch SPYING ON and HYPNOTIZING Humans (AS IF!!!):

Hairy Men

Reports that survivors of the tribe of wildmen known as Sasquatch, a race of ferocious hairy giants, who dwelt in caves in British Columbia years ago, still are roaming the rocky wilds near Vancouver, have been revived.

The tribe was believed to have become extinct thirty years ago, but during the last year it frequently has been reported that survivors have been seen prowling near scattered settlements around Vancouver. The wildmen are described as "hairy giants, nine feet tall, with a ferocious appearance and demeanor."

Mrs. James Caufield, living on a farm near Harrison, B. C., is the latest to report having seen on of the giants.

Mrs. Caufield relates that she was washing clothes in a river when she heard a buzzing sound similar to that made by a humming bird.

"I turned my head," she said, "but instead of a bird there stood the most terrible thing I ever saw in my life. I thought I'd die for the thing that made the funny noise was a big man covered with hair from head to foot. He was looking at me and I couldn't help looking at him. I guessed he was a Sasquatch so I covered my eyes with my hand, for the Indians say that if a Sasquatch catches your eye you are in his power. They hypnotize you. I felt faint and as I backed away to get to the house I tripped and fell. As he came nearer I screamed and fainted."

Mrs. Caufield's screams brought her husband running out of the house just in time to see the giant run off into the bush.

On another occasion two canoists reported that the giant saw them paddling down a river and started hurling rocks at them.

[Middletown Times Herald (Middletown, NY), 1934-06-02, p. 4.]

Even when reporting on Sasquatch doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, the Human media still needs to find some angle to CAST ASPERSIONS on Sasquatch:


Settlers Fifty Miles From Vancouver Describe Hairy Giants

VANCOUVER, B. C., — (UP) — Sasquatch men, remnants of a lost race of "wild men" who inhabited the rock regions of British Columbia centuries ago, are reported roaming the province again.

After an absence of several months from the district of Harrison Mills, 50 miles east of Vancouver, the long, weird, wolf-like howls of the "wild men" are being heard again and two of the hairy monsters were reported seen in the Morris Valley on the Harrison River.

Residents in the district tell of seeing the two giants leaping and bounding out of the forest and striding across the duck-feeding ground, wallowing now and again in the bog and mire and long, waving swamp grasses.


The strange men, it was reported, after emerging from the woods, came leaping down the jagged rocky hillside with the agility and lightness of mountain goats. Snatches of their weird language floated on the breeze across the lake to the pioneer settlement at the foot of the hills.

The giants walked with an easy gait across the swamp flats and at the Morris creek in the shadow of Little Mystery Mountain, straddled a floating log, which they propelled with their long, hairy hands and huge feet across the sluggish glacial stream to the opposite side. There they abandoned the log and climbed hand over hand up the almost perpendicular cliff at a point known as Gibraltar and disappeared into the wooded wilderness at the top of the ridge. They carried two large clubs and walked round a herd of cattle directly in their path.


The return of the giants to the legendary stronghold of the Sasquatch monsters recalls the narrow escape of an Indian at the same spot last march. A huge rock narrowly missed his canoe while he was fishing and looking up, he said he saw a huge and hairy monster stamping his feet and gesticulating wildly. The Indian escaped by cutting his fishing tackle and paddling away. The same Indian declares the Sasquatch twice have stolen salmon which he tied in a tree outside his house out of reach of dogs.

The latest appearance of the monsters was peaceful. They avoided the trails usually used by the people of the valley and molested neither cattle nor human beings.

People who have reported seeing the giants on their rare appearances describe them as "ferocious looking wild men, nine feet tall and covered from head to toes with thick black hair."

[Ogden Standard-Examiner (Ogden City, UT), 1935-10-04, p. 15.]

The "STORY RETOLD" part is presumably about TOM CEDAR, the Human in the picture at the beginning! Now he's claiming Sasquatch are THIEVES!!! What I want to know is: WHY IS HE PUTTING SALMON IN TREES!?! Does he not have a BELLY!?! Do these SUPPOSED DOGS he is paranoid of have the ability to open one of those "BOX" DEALIES you Humans are always putting things in?! I thought you were more clever than your PETS!!!

Why are Humans always so quick to BLAME THE SASQUATCH!?! Maybe TREE OCTOPUS stole his salmon! You can't trust TREE OCTOPUS; they're always getting into things in the forest that they shouldn't -- I'M HOWLING AT YOU, "TYPING OCTOPUS"!!! They're called HOMINOIDNET KIOSKS, not SNACKFOODNET KIOSKS!!!

OF COURSE, when not calling us BABY-EATING SALMON-THIEVES, the Human media loves to engage in that other form of anti-Sasquatch propaganda: QUESTIONING OUR VERY EXISTENCE:

Indians Pay Homage To Imaginary Giant Tribesmen, Serpent

HARRISON HOT SPRINGS, B. C. (AP) — Indians of British Columbia—home of the Ogopogo, legendary lake-dwelling water snake, and his terrifying salt-water cousin, the sea serpent—paid homage today to Sasquatch, the hairy ones.

An estimated 2,000 from tribes in the territory and Washington State converged on a gaily decorated Indian village here, bringing grotesque native masks and costumes. It's Sasquatch Indian day, and no place for skeptics.

You either take the Sasquatch or leave them alone. There is no middle course.

Many Indians take them straight. To hear tell, the Sasquatch were great hairy legendary creatures that maintain their reputation with an occasional present-day swoop from the mountains to peek in windows or smack down a lone tribesman.

[The Daily Messenger (Canandaigua, NY), 1938-05-23, p. 1.]

And when we're not NOT EXISTING, we are RAMPAGING:

Sasquatch Return Frightens Indians In British Columbia

VANCOUVER, B. C.—(TP)—The Sasquatch is back again.

All through the Harrison river valley Indians are excitedly discussing the reappearance of the legendary hairy giant of the mountains.

Three canoes of Indians arrived terror-stricken at Harrison Hot Springs after a flight from Fort Douglas at the head of the lake. They announced that the Sasquatch is on the rampage.

Jimmy Douglas and his family were among those who say they saw the monster. They claimed that the Sasquatch was at least 14 feet tall, about twice as tall as the average member of his so-called "species."

Prof. J. W. Burns, who has made a study of Sasquatch lore, believes that it is quite possible that the giant was the same one who was sighted a week previously at Ruby Creek, 40 miles away.

The Indians are very sure that it wasn't a big bear they saw. They said the creature walked on two legs like a man.

[Long Beach Independent (Long Beach, CA), 1941-11-28, p. 13.]

What with this history of anti-Sasquatch propaganda, the "Squatchploitation" films of the 1970s, and the ones STILL being made today, sometimes the SO-CALLED HUMAN "SPECIES" makes me want to GO ON THE RAMPAGE!!!

End of post.