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Radical Sasquatch


Radical Sasquatch | 2005-06-13.5800 LMT | Sasquatch Issues | Art

Human artist Jill Miller is stalking Sasquatch in the forests of Southern Cascadia!! She claims it is "performance art" and calls it "Waiting for Bigfoot"!! -- WHY ARE HUMANS ALWAYS OBSESSED WITH OUR FEET?!! Is it because theirs are so puny?! -- She will be putting spy cameras around the forest that will send live pictures of Sasquatch to Norwich Gallery in Human city of San Francisco where effete, black-turtleneck-wearing Humans will treat unsuspecting Sasquatch as texts to be read all the while fantasizing about our feet!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Perverted Human artists must justify their "performance art" to councils of elder Humans in order to get continued supplies of Human feed that they are unwilling to gather on their own... LISTEN TO THE HUMAN'S ARTSY FARTSY SQUEEKINGS:

Miller postulates that Bigfoot is a metaphor for the natural human desire for mystery and the unknown. In an age that is hallmarked by scientific investigation, Western societies are occupied with the desire to know everything, such as determining how to stop the aging process, or defining which compounds comprise the surface of Mars. Scientific instruments are finely tuned to both our macro and microcosms. Carl Jung explains in Psychology and the Occult that despite the age of materialism and rationalistic enlightenment in Western societies, intense scientific and public interest in ESP, spirits, and invisible forces flourish. Scientific inquiry, in a pure academic approach, does not refute the unknown, but opens doors to pursuing it. Artist Jill Miller is interested in peeling back the layers of fear, irony, and pop culture that surround Bigfoot and creating a space that will generate larger questions of belief and inquiry.

I AM NOT A METAPHOR!!! What does any of that have to do with putting spy cameras in our forests?! Why don't Humans learn to make real art, like MOSS SCULPTURES, BARK MOSAICS, or PINECONE MOBILES?! THOSE LOOK NICE AND EVERYONE CAN ENJOY THEM!!!

Maybe I should make my own "performance art" by going to Norwich Gallery and pummelling it to the ground with boulders!! I will call my work: "HUMANS ARE A METAPHOR FOR PUMMELED MEAT!!!"

End of post.