The Republic Of Cascadia

Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs

A Division of the Cascadian Department of Health and Hominoid Services

The Sasquatch Museum of History & Industry presents:

Sasquatch Arts & Crafts: An Exploration In Moss

Although not generally known outside of Cascadia for their arts and crafts, Sasquatch artisans produce some of the finest examples of moss-work in the world. The mossy arts are a very old tradition with Cascadian Sasquatch, created both as utilitarian products and expressions of cultural perceptions and values. There are many different regional styles, but every Cascadian Sasquatch is alike in taking pride in their moss artistry.

Below are some examples taken from an exhibit on Sasquatch arts and crafts now on display at the Sasquatch Museum of History & Industry, entitled "An Exploration in Moss":

Moss Bowl
Moss Bowl (1993, Bukwas Sasquatch)
Moss Hat
Moss Hat (2000, Tsiatko Sasquatch)
Moss on Stick
Moss on Stick (1987, Omah Sasquatch)

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