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Lyle Zapato

Russian Aluminum Foil Second Skin

Lyle Zapato | 2016-10-18.7579 LMT | Aluminum | Defensive Techniques | Fashion | Technology

Independent Russian researchers KREOSAN have developed a new class of protective aluminum armor using self-adhesive aluminum-foil tape applied directly to the skin. This Aluminum Foil Second Skin (AFSS) offers increased mobility over conventional AFDO designs while also not being as prone to gaps or disenfoilment.

When combined with an AFDB (they use a typical Russian configuration based on Tsarist helmet designs), this provides not only additional protection from psychotronic attacks targeting the peripheral nervous system, but also makes the wearer invulnerable to electrical attacks, as they demonstrate in their video:

Emboldened against both psychotrons and tasers, they've gone on the offensive and also developed an EMP blunderbuss, useful for disrupting cerebrosonic attacks from stereos and taking out NWO Scooter Troops:

While this is an exciting new technology for the paranoid community, I can't help but feel a bit uneasy.

Are we going down the same path as the Reticulans, the paraterrestrials popularly known as "Grays" due to the subcutaneously implanted aluminum matrix technology they use to shield themselves from, and control, local psychotronic fields?

Could it be that long ago paranoids like ourselves from Zeta Reticuli, righteously seeking freedom from the psychotronic grip of the Reticulum Hive Mind through aluminum skin augmentation, eventually became twisted by the zeal of interplanetary revolution and the heady possibilities of their new-found self-determination, turning them into the human-abducting, cow-bothering jerks we know today?

Before we get carried away, completely aluminating our skins and blunderbussing our way into battle against the Forces of Mind Control, we would be wise to remember that discretion is the better part of paranoia.

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