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Lyle Zapato

1974 New Mexico Civil Liberties Union PSA

Lyle Zapato | 2014-08-11.8314 LMT | NWO | Mind Control | General Paranoia

As the first generation of a technological society, we have been acted upon by forces of such power that few, if any, of us can understand: extensive information gathering on every American; human experiments with drugs and psycho-surgery; electronic surveillance; the era of the computer; invasion of privacy; growing government and corporate power over our lives; a people plagued by dehumanization, loneliness, and violence.

Dramatic? Perhaps. But we are losing control of our technology and our lives. Not so long ago, people in a similar situation did not awaken to the forces around them.

Are we so unwise as to do the same?

The New Mexico Civil Liberties Union has tried to raise questions concerning the growing problem of invasion of privacy and what this leads to: wide-spread control of human behavior.

Many of you will read our newspaper ad, the statement of common sense. If you support this statement, please call us collect and let us know. If you wish more information or want suggestions about what you can do, call us in Albuquerque collect.

From the series of TV ads directed by Godfrey Reggio, broadcast in 1974:

More background intel from Dangerous Minds. (Note: phone number in ad is now a real estate agent. The New Mexico ACLU has a website if you need to report Pyramid Eye activity.)

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