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Lyle Zapato

Paradigm Shift Clock Mk. II & Black Helicopter Hood Mural

Lyle Zapato | 2013-05-10.4610 LMT | Technology | Art | Crafts | Mysterious Doodads | Black Helicopters

Bob Blick, creator of the Pocket Paradigm-Shift Awareness Clock, has upgraded the tech with revised firmware and an additional button:

The front panel button switches the display to show paradigm confidence levels in real time -- caution when it lingers near zero. Reset is inside if you need manual override -- during reset you can preload values with the real time button.

95% Paradigm Confidence. Looking good!

Here's the end result of a teardown (omitting steps involving popping open the case and prying the wedged-in circuit board out):

  • New confidence-level-mode momentary selection button
  • Reset button
  • Informative paper label
  • 2 digit LCD display
  • Microchip Technology PIC16F876A-I/SO microcontroller
  • User-replaceable power source

As you can see, it has a high degree of repairability. Reassembly was as simple as wedging the board back in the case and popping the lid back on. No tools required.

Blick also sent a photo of the underhood of his track car:

Attached is a mural I did under the hood of my little track car. My rationale for placing it there is that trackside tech inspectors are probably fellow travelers, or at the very least sympathetic, and I can observe their reactions when they view it just in case. Other than that it stays hidden from public view.

The mural is, of course, based on my diagram of the Black Helicopter Lifecycle. NOTE: while the diagram covers the major stages of Black Helicopter life, it is not exhaustive. In particular, Black Helicopters may disguise themselves in other, non-pigeon forms -- even as other vehicles. Blick's mural will provide warning to trackside tech inspectors to be on the look-out for suspicious track cars, lest one should noisily unfold itself into a Black Helicopter and start exploding various things (cf. the documentaries of Michael Bay).

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