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Lyle Zapato

Black Hornet Nano

Lyle Zapato | 2013-02-04.8450 LMT | Black Helicopters | Technology | NWO

As I have outlined here before, the NWO's goal of inculcating in the public an acceptance of persistent, open monitoring (and eventually, punitive behavioral training) by swarms of Nanobiotechnological Black Helicopters involves a process of acclimation whereby new devices are gradually revealed to the public, each iteration approaching closer to the already-existent final form (which has been covertly operational since the 1990s when I first exposed the TRUTH).

Previously revealed devices have varied seemingly haphazardly in size, rotor number and configuration, and degree of autonomy, so as not to arouse suspicion in the orthonoid public that they are being lead down a garden path -- one that ends with a hornets' nest. However, the latest step in this process brings us much closer to that nest.

Prox Dynamics' PD-100 PRS (Personal Reconnaissance System), also known as the Black Hornet Nano (notice how closely this memetically engineered name approaches "Microscopic Black Helicopter"), eschews previous misdirections such as quadrotors for a purer Black Helicopter form, albeit more blobby and less armed. And unlike the previous "experimental" devices, this one is now deployed in Afghanistan by British forces.

The Black Hornet Nano was actually first brought to orthonoid attention back in 2011 when the UK Ministry of Defence announced a £20 million contract to buy them. As you can see, they've changed the color (but not the name) from the original black to white, presumably as a further misdirection.

Here's what the base station and controls look like:

I've been predicting of the slowly creeping reign of Nanobiotechnological Black Helicopter tyranny for 16 years now, and it brings me no pleasure to point out that developments are continuing to prove me right. For those still looking for confirmation, the next steps in the acclimation process will be the revealing of autonomous mission modes and the introduction of biological systems into the design, followed shortly thereafter with clouds of Microscopic Black Helicopters darkening our skies and impurifying our bodily fluids.

Like it or not, the Black Helicopters are coming; those without swatters will rue ignoring my warnings.

End of post.