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Lyle Zapato

Black Helicopter Swarm Caught On Video!

Lyle Zapato | 2009-09-24.7270 LMT | Black Helicopters | NWO | Art

Swiss artist Roman Signer stumbled upon 56 Juvenile Black Helicopters in a room, lined up on the floor in military formation.

Dormant black helicopter formation?

He set up his video camera to document the scene, thinking the helicopters either dormant or as yet unactivated -- that is until they all came to life at once!

(Apologies for the annoying streaming-only video player with ads.)

Remarkably, Signer survived with only minor rotor-blade lacerations. That the helicopters didn't immediately liquidate him or fill him full of their young -- combined with their erratic behavior and mid-air collisions -- suggests Signer uncovered a collection point where malfunctioning BHs return for retrieval and destruction by their NWO masters. Signer's just lucky nanobiotech Sandmen didn't find him before he could escape with the video proof.

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