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"You can understand perfectly, if you give your mind to it"

- William Thomson

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Goals and Strategy

Our goal is to elect a Thermodynamic Law Party ticket to the office of the President of the United States of America in the year 2004. We also hope to get as many candidates elected to House and Senate positions as possible in order to help bring about the problem-free, "Make Sense" government that the Thermodynamics-orientated approach promises. To those goals, our candidates are running in local elections all across our nation, to help spread awareness of what a government based on the Laws of Thermodynamics can do for the people. After our assured win in 2004, our party will branch out to all the Democracies of the World, and work to forge new Democracies where once there was only oppression. The new Millennium will see a flourishing of freedom and self-realization amongst the peoples of the World. And it will be brought forth by governments by the people, for the people, and based on sound Thermodynamic principles.

A Note From TLP US Presidential Candidate Doug MacDuff, Ph.D.

Doug MacDuff, Ph.D. As President of the United States, I would work to make our nation better through applying the Laws of Thermodynamics to its problems. Thermodynamics orientated government offers our nation proven solutions for the difficulties that lie ahead of us in the 21st century. These solutions are both cost-effective and potent. By using Thermodynamic principles and techniques, such as scientifically validated Kelvinian Meditation, my government will preside over decreases in Entropy -- in areas as diverse as the economy, crime, and education -- as have never been seen before in the history of our nation or any other.

For too long we have relied on the fiction of radioactivity for our nation's defense. One of my first acts in office will be to call for hearings on the reality of our "nuclear defense" and the money that has been spent on it. I will also enact a special Kelvinian Meditation branch of our armed services that will bring Thermodynamic understanding to our defensive policies. This branch will also include a Kelvinic Levitation wing that will create a shield of negative Entropy around our nation making it impervious to hostile forces.

If elected, I will work with the Canadians to end the subjugation of the Republic of Cascadia and liberate her peoples and hominoids from unjust Federal rule. I will also support the return of the Kingdom of Hawa'ii and the seceding of Alaska to the harbor seals. Expansion is known to cause Heat Death, and by pulling back the US borders to Idaho, I will be helping to ensure the prolonging of our national energies.

I trust that you will help me help our nation. Together we can end the onslaught of Entropy and build a future for us and our children that is Thermodynamically secure.

Doug MacDuff
Douglas MacDuff,
TLP US Presidential Candidate
Thermodynamic Law Party