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TLP Presidential candidate Doug MacDuff, Ph.D. explains how he will implement a Make Sense, Thermodynamics based government


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"You can understand perfectly, if you give your mind to it"

- William Thomson

The TLP Platform:

These are the things that we, the Thermodynamic Law Party believe in and hope to accomplish:

The Thermodynamic Law Party Stand On Radioactivity

? For too long the hoax of radioactivity has been perpetrated on the American people. Money that has been spent on so-called nuclear energy and nuclear weapons -- things that are in fact pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo -- has actually been embezzled by corrupt government officials. The Thermodynamic Law Party will seek to expose these acts of malfeasance and to bring the truth to the American public about the non-existence of radioactivity, and the many lies that have been derived from it and other anti-Thermodynamic falsehoods. These include: the Earth's spontaneous internal "radioactive" sources of heat; an age of the Earth that is more than two orders of magnitude too large based on "radiometric dating"; the theories of evolution of species through transmutation, for which there was not enough time, and spontaneous generation of life from primordial ooze, which is in violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics; the silly idea that harmful microbial organisms can be rid from our food by exposure to "radioactive" elements; and the unwarranted fear of non-existent "radon gas". Since the Thermodynamic Law Party is grass-roots and independent of the political establishment, we will be able to work against the forces that are trying to spread these Entropic lies.

Thermodynamic Law Party