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TLP Presidential candidate Doug MacDuff, Ph.D. explains how he will implement a Make Sense, Thermodynamics based government


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"You can understand perfectly, if you give your mind to it"

- William Thomson

Responding To Anti-TLP Propaganda

Because of the campaign by members of the political establishment to fling mud at the Thermodynamic Law Party instead of engaging in a substantive debate with our party's members on the key issues for the 21st century, we have been continually forced to correct various misconceptions about our party, some innocent and some that are outright lies intentionally spread. Below is a compendium of answers to questions that might be asked by people who have only heard about the TLP through those that wish to disparage us. We hope that before you believe what you hear about us from hostile sources, that you check here for the real story. It is a shame that we need to address these false and malicious rumors, but that is what happens when you go against those forces that wish to see the "Make Sense" approach to government fail because it doesn't serve their vested interests.

Questions And Answers:

Q: Is it true that the TLP is a front organization for a cult?
A: Absolutely not. We are a party that welcomes members of all faiths and who supports a pro-Thermodynamic view of the world.

Q: Did the TLP cover up the murder of ex-TLP member Lance Hawthorn?
A: No. Mr. Hawthorn died of natural causes related to his disuse of Kelvinian Meditation.

Q: Did the TLP receive funds from Scottish separatist organizations in exchange for political promises?
A: No. That is a completely fabricated lie.

Q: Is the TLP run by members of the Scottish National Party (SNP).
A: No. The TLP and the SNP are completely independent organizations.

Q: Are all top TLP members required to become/be Freemasons.
A: No. The TLP is in no way affiliated with Freemasonry, nor do we discriminate against those that are.

Q: Will people be forced to participate in Kelvinian Meditation?
A: Not at all. We are fully confident that once people see the benefits of KM that they will volunteer to participate in various state and federal KM programs.

Q: Does Kelvinian Meditation cause epileptic seizures in children?
A: No, only in lab mice at extreme doses.

Q: I heard that it is actually good for entropy to increase and that we should allow that to happen. Isn't this so?
A: No. This belief has been spread by those who wish to confuse the average person with misstatements about and misapplications of the Laws of Thermodynamics. Entropy is bad for both the individual and society and must be fought through the sort of "Make Sense" policies that the TLP advocates.

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