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TLP US Presidential candidate Doug MacDuff, Ph.D. explains how he will implement a Make Sense, Thermodynamics based government


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"You can understand perfectly, if you give your mind to it"

- William Thomson
Doug MacDuff, Ph.D.

Doug MacDuff, Ph.D. Thermodynamicist and TLP US Presidential Candidate

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The Thermodynamic Law Party is the second fastest growing political third party in North America and is active in over 70 countries world-wide. Our policies are based on the scientifically proven Laws of Thermodynamics and seek to bring society in harmony with those Laws. We were founded in 1997 by concerned citizens as an alternative to the directionless (and often harmful) traditional political parties that have had our nation in a stranglehold of self-serving in-fighting for decades. We feel that there is a better way of governing our Great Nation; one that serves the people instead of the politicians. We, the Thermocrats, are willing to accept the challenge of putting the people first. At our heart, we are a grass-roots movement; we are made up of people just like you: parents concerned about the world we are leaving to our children, small businessmen and women trying to grow capital and create valuable products and services, and wage-workers reaching for the American Dream. Together, we can -- and will -- make a difference, a difference for the better!

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