Icons By Lyle Zapato

This is a collection of icons that were originally created for the Amiga, and have since been converted for Windows, Mac, BeOS, and other systems. They are based on various themes (animals, archeology, etc.) and are of dubious practical value.

You are welcome to use the icons and sample images provided here for your personal, non-commercial, or educational use. All I ask is that you give me credit and a link, if possible.

Refer to the legend on the left to tell which icons are for which computer system. Refer to the FAQ if you have questions about what to do with them. All icons are stored locally unless otherwise noted.

Also check out Zapato Themeato for wallpapers.

New Things:

  • [2011-02-23] Store moved.
  • [2004-12-18] Added SVG Red Ant.
  • [2004-12-16] Added SVG versions.
  • [2004-05-29] Added topical Cicada Brood X icon.
  • [2004-02-28] Added Cafepress store. Revamped page.
  • [2002-01-19] Added various Atari versions. Yes, Atari.

Zapaticons Store


Zapaticons Store Banner Ad
Bug Mug ~ Penguin Shirt ~ Thorn Mimic Raglan ~ Red Ant Cap

In lieu of making new icons, I have slapped the old ones on t-shirts and mugs for your consumeristic pleasure. Because it would be too much trouble to set up a separate store for every icon, the item/icon combinations listed in the store were choosen arbitrarily based on what I thought looked nice. I'm not done adding items yet, so if you want a different combination, using any of the icons available on this page (except the cars and Daljit, for legal reasons) and any of the products Cafepress has to offer (list of products...), email me and let me know. No extra charge for special orders (since with Cafepress, every order is special.)

Zapaticons Deluxe (Experimental)

Red Ant Treehopper African Emperor

2004-12-18 -- I'm experimenting with scalable SVG versions of some of my icons. I have only made the four above so far (click the large images above to get the SVGs and 150x150 32 bit PNGs in ZIPs), since I'm not certain of the exact format that will be best. Consider these beta versions. I'm putting them here so I can get feedback on their usability/compatibility with systems that can use SVGs for icons (which I currently am not using, so I don't have a clue) or any other suggestions. I may also fiddle with their appearance, so don't consider these finished works.


This set contains archaeological artifacts and other assorted debris from many different cultures.

Nandi the Bull Bast Statue

Amiga version: [110+ icons]
Atari/Mac version: [77 icons]
Windows version: [82 icons, ICL]
GIF version: [95 images]

Amiga Aminet ( at pix/nicon/Archaeologicon.lha
Atari [2002-01-19]
Mac archaeolog.hqx [1999-12-30]
Windows [1999-10-15]
GIF [1998-11-12]


Egypticons sampler: [12 icons]
Egyptian icons included in main set

Amiga Aminet ( at pix/nicon/Egypticons.lha


This set contains arthropods (invertebrate animals with jointed legs and segmented bodies, including insects and spiders... in case you were wondering.)

Katydid Damselfly Red Ant Honey Bee Rough Fungus Goldbug Termite

Amiga version: [110+ icons]
Mac version: [64 icons + 8 large multi-icons]
Windows version: [64 icons, ICL]
GIF version: [109 images]

Amiga Aminet ( at pix/nicon/Arthropodicons.lha
Mac arthropod.hqx [1999-12-30]
Windows [1998-11-16]
GIF [1998-11-16]

Hobo Spider

Extra #1:

Amiga version: [3 icons: Hobo Spider, Lantern Fly, and updated Honey Bee]
PNG version: [1 image, Hobo Spider with alpha channel shadow]

Amiga arthx1.lha [1998-11-05]
GIF hobo.gif
PNG hobo.png [2001-02-04]

Cicada Brood X

Cicada - Brood X:

PNG version: Recolored from generic version in above.

PNG cicada-broodx.png [2004-05-29]

Red Ant Treehopper

Arthropodicons Deluxe:

Red Ant and Treehopper in SVG vector format and 150x150 PNG version. [2004-12-18]


Cars or other motor vehicles.

Classic VW Bug 1998 VW Bug


Amiga version: [17 icons, 8 colors]
Windows version: [23 icons, 11 colors ICL + ICO]
Contains classic and 1998 Volkswagon Beetles in different colors, plus a VW insignia.

Amiga Aminet ( at pix/nicon/VWBeetleicons.lha
Atari [2002-01-19]
BeOS [2000-04-10]
Windows [1999-05-02]

Hot Rod


1933 Ford hot rod with flaming paint job [1 icon]

Amiga hotrodicon.lha [1999-05-02]


People. Those strange things with noses.

Dalicon1 Dalicon2 Dalicon3 Dalicon4


CNN anchor Daljit Dhaliwal [4 icons]

Amiga dalicons.lha
Windows (ICO)


Animals (not including arthropods or people, which are above.)

Octopus Angry Coral Gold Ice Seaweed Slime


[7 icons] Same icon in 7 different colors

Amiga octopodicon.lha [1999-04-24]
Atari [2002-01-19]
BeOS [2000-04-10]
Mac octopodicons.hqx [1999-12-30]
Windows (ICL) [1999-04-12]
PNG [2001-02-04]

Alien Blurple Coral Fire Ice Limon Plantain Rusty Seafoam Strawberry


[10 icons] Same icon in 10 different colors

BeOS [2000-04-10]
Atari [2002-01-19]
Mac seahorseicons.hqx [1999-12-30]
Windows (ICL) [1999-04-16]
PNG [2001-02-05]

Green Copper Lime Red Blue Yellow Mint Purple Ice


[9 icons] Same icon in 9 different colors (Amiga ones are larger)

Amiga Aminet ( at pix/nicon/Treefrogicons.lha
Atari [2002-01-19]
BeOS [2000-04-10]
Mac treefrogicons.hqx [1999-12-30]
Windows (ICL) [1999-04-15]
PNG [2001-02-04]

Jackass Penguin
Emperor Penguin Emperor Chick Chinstrap Erect-crested Adelie w/ Egg Little-blue


Atari, Mac, Windows & PNG version [21-22 icons] 17 different species, mostly portraits
All others [2 icons, African (Jackass) full and portrait, Amiga version has with and without top hat]

Amiga penguicons.lha [1998-07-30]
Atari [2002-01-19]
BeOS [2000-04-10]
Mac penguicons.hqx [2001-04-09]
Windows (ICL) [2001-02-08]
PNG [2001-02-08]

African Emperor

Penguicons Deluxe:

2 penguins in SVG vector format and 150x150 PNG version. [2004-12-16]


Frequently Asked Questions & Version Notes

SVG What are SVG files and what do I do with them?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, meaning they can be scaled to any arbitrary size and will still look good (or at least equally bad). SVG is a W3C standard format for scalable graphics on the web, although they're not really usable for that yet since browsers don't support them. However, SVG files can be used for icons on some operating systems and desktop environments. Two systems that support SVG icons are GNOME and KDE for Unix-style OSs.

The SVG format can also be used wherever you would use other scalable formats like EPS or Illustrator. If you want to create or edit SVGs, try the free program Inkscape. You can also get a viewer from Adobe.

Windows How do I use .ICL files?

ICL files are icon libraries for Windows. They are used just like DLL files with icons in them. When prompted by Windows to select an icon, just change the "Files of type:" in the selection dialog to "All Files", then find and select the .ICL file. You will now be presented with a window full of icons from the ICL file. Select the individual one you want.

Windows How do I get separate icons from the .ICL files?

You will need a program that can extract icons from DLLs and other files. I suggest IconShop, a small, free program which can also act as an ICL viewer/creator.

Amiga Amiga version note:

The Amiga icons are NewIcons so you will need both a computer running AmigaOS and the NewIcons program to see them.

Mac Mac version note:

The Mac versions are pre-OSX style and were converted from the Windows versions by Sara Roner of IconParade.

Atari Atari version note:

These were converted by Matthias Jaap and I swiped them (if one can say that about one's own icons) from GokMasE's Atari page. I have no idea if these work, since I don't own an Atari. The note on the page said that they are "colour icons in RSC-format". If you need to know what that is, you probably already do.