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Not Really Themes
(And No Meato)

A collection of mostly desktop wallpapers, and a few other things, free for non-commercial use.

Other Bits:

iPhone Wallpaper:

"Tap me, Baby."

AT&T room 641A

Y.R. Tap

What better wallpaper buddy for your new AT&T-powered Apple iPhone than Y.R. Tap, the NSA domestic spying fly!

(I don't own an iPhone, so I have no idea if these look good on one, are obscured by UI elements, or even if they display at all. See randomly Googled: "How to Set Those iPhone Wallpapers" for potential help.)


800·600 & 1024·768
From George Magazine
800·600 & 1024·768
From Esquire Magazine

Daljit Dhaliwal

News anchor and all-around smart and sexy woman.

Also available are more pictures and a fan page.


Amiga or Windows
(the rest of you can use the GIFs above)


800·600 & 1024·768 [Up. 2002-07-03]
800·600 & 1024·768
"Have You Been Aluminated?"

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Show your support for cheap and effective mind-control protection!

See the AFDB homepage for more info.

Even Sasquatch wear them!


800·600 & 1024·768


Show your support for obscure Internet political cartoons whose authors' interest in them has waned almost logarithmically.


800·600 & 1024·768 "Think Small."

Black Helicopters

They're everywhere! In the skies, in the hills, in the bushes, even in your neighbor's head... and quite possibly in your computer! If you think yours is infected, use this wallpaper to both warn any users and to mock the little bugger into submission (and also be sure to read up on the TRUTH about Black Helicopters!).


Blue texture:
800·600 & 1024·768
Red texture:
800·600 & 1024·768
Green texture:
800·600 & 1024·768
Brown texture:
800·600 & 1024·768


Slap a textured Zapato Productions Intradimensional "Zapatopi" logo on your desktop and be just like your hero Lyle Zapato! The official wallpaper of ZPI heaquarters personnel.


1024·768 | SVG
"Because Micro$soft
is for Capitalists
running DOS"

1024·768 | SVG
RMS compliant version
800·600 & 1024·768
"Long Live Chairman Linus, Sun of the Revolution!"

Commie Linux

The perfect root window dressings for people who think selling software is Counter-Revolutionary. Created with 100% Free (as in speech) software and avilable only in patent-free PNG format!

[2005-01-25] Now with SVG source code. Create your own wallpaper fork.



Deploy an army of penguins on your desktop!


The Revolution will strike at 0xffff! Be prepared with WMZCalock, comrade!


800·600 & 1024·768 "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM"

New World Order

Pssst..! Are you at work? Look around at your co-workers. Careful! Don't let them see you looking. Good. Did you know that they are all agents of the New World Order? Well, they are. And you aren't. And they suspect that you aren't. Get this wallpaper and put it on your computer and they will think you are one of them and leave you alone. Do it, quick!

Novus Ordo Seclorum shirt
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Camouflage Store


800·600 & 1024·768
"To Measure is to Know"
800·600 & 1024·768
"Kelvin Loves You!"


Help inform your co-workers and family members that the Lord Kelvin loves them and wants to Conserve them from Entropy with this inspirational wallpaper.

Learn more about Kelvinism


Cold Steel 54

Dactyl Fractal

Can you count to four iterations on your fingers? Well, I can!

Dactyl Fractal shirt
Dactyl Fractal Store

Flash Doodad:

Watch an infinite iteration of dactyl fractals done in Flash. Opens in mini-window.


800·600 & 1024·768

Uncle Sas

Uncle Sas wants YOU (assuming you are a Sasquatch) to enlist in the Cascadian Sasquatch Militia and defend Cascadia from its many enemies. Particularly Southern Californians and Tree Octopus poachers.