The Republic Of Cascadia

Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs

A Division of the Cascadian Department of Health and Hominoid Services

"Serving the needs of Cascadian Hominoids"

Welcome to the Republic of Cascadia Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs website. The aim of this site is to provide links to Sasquatch services and to provide non-Sasquatch Cascadians with information about Sasquatch and Sasquatch culture to help foster positive Sasquatch-human relations. We at the BSA hope that you will find these resources helpful and informative.

BSA Mission Statement:

"The Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs' mission is to enhance the quality of life, promote economic and ecological opportunity, and to carry out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of Sasquatch, Sasquatch culture and Cascadian native hominoids. We will accomplish this through the delivery of quality services, maintaining government-to-Sasquatch relationships within the spirit of Sasquatch self-determination."

Top News Stories:

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  • Alma Demands Return Of His Foot. more...
  • Chewbacca to return for Episode III. more...
  • Sasquatch Militia liberates Iraqi Enkidu. more...
  • Hominoidnet kiosks installed in forests. more...
  • Sasquatch Militia membership at 5 year low, new recruitment campaign featuring "Uncle Sas" started to keep Cascadian soil defended from enemies. more...
  • Cryptozoologists sued by Sasquatch over Patterson film more...
  • Tree octopus substitute supplies will meet Sasquatch demand, according to new report. more...
  • Report on Sasquatch economy shows slowdown in twig sector. more...
  • more news...

Sasquatch Blog:

Sasquatch Services:

The BSA offers the following services to Sasquatch and other native hominoids. Please contact your local BSA office to learn more about how we can help you and your community:

  • Sasquatch Education Programs
  • Foraging Assistance
  • Human Avoidance Counseling
  • Yeti Immigration Office
  • Lichen and Fungus Abuse Prevention
  • Den Improvement Program
  • Small Business Loans

Sasquatch Issues:

The following are short reports on issues of importance to the Sasquatch community. The viewpoints expressed are representative of general Sasquatch sentiments but do not necessarily represent official BSA policy. They are provided in the hope of bridging the gap in understanding between Sasquatch and humans.

BSA Gear:

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