The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Tree Octopus Activities

"Trick-Or-Treat For Tree Octopus!"


Now you can help tree octopuses get their favorite Halloween treats: candy corn and shrimp!

Just download and assemble the special box. Then on Halloween say "Trick-or-treat for Tree Octopus!" and ask your neighbors for candy corn or shrimp. When you have filled the box with treats, hang it on a branch in a forest where tree octopuses dwell. Tree octopuses enjoy the challenge of removing treats from the box!

Download free box pattern (PDF).

Tree Octopus House


If you live in an area with tree octopuses, consider putting up a tree octopus house. This simple, easy to build, structure will provide replacement shelter for tree octopuses who have found themselves homeless due to habitat loss.

NOTE: It is not uncommon to see bats entering and leaving your tree octopus house. Bats will sometimes move in with tree octopuses if they have nowhere else to go. This can lead to tension, as the fastidious tree octopus and slovenly bat will often disagree with each other. Can two woodland creatures share a treehouse without driving each other crazy? Be sure to keep an episodic journal of their wacky hijinks, for science.

Download free building plans (PDF).

Model Tree Octopus Reserve

Organize students into stakeholder groups (tree octopus conservationists, loggers, hunters, sasquatch, and outdoor enthusiasts) and have them work out a plan to manage a forest reserve for endangered tree octopus. More information and an example plan on Tyler Hicks' website...