Temple Of The Spinning Shaggy

The Spinning Shaggy

Answers To Frequently Asked Spinning Shaggy Questions:

Q: Why does the Shaggy spin anti-clockwise?
A: He doesn't, clocks spin anti-Shaggywise.

Q: Does the Shaggy ever get sick with dizziness?
A: No, Scooby Snacks blunt the nausea.

Q: Can the Shaggy see into the future?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: What does he see?
A: He sees the hope; he sees the suffering.

Q: Can the Shaggy do something about the suffering?
A: Hopefully, yes.

Q: What is the Shaggy's real name?
A: Norville Rogers.

Q: Why isn't there a spinning Freddy?
A: Because contract negotiations fell through when we wouldn't meet his demand for a daily supply of fresh ascots.