Conspiratorially creating a hobo-language for paranoids.

What Is Psychalking?

Psychalking is a method for paranoids to communicate with each other about dangerous mind control hot spots. By leaving special symbols written in chalk on pavements, walls, slow-moving pedestrians, and other objects found around town, a paranoid can warn his or her peers of local mind control dangers and advise on a proper means of protection.

Currently, there are three psychalking symbols: Wear AFDB, Close Eyes, and Use MindGuard.

SymbolMeaning & Use

Wear AFDB not only reminds paranoids that they should always wear an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie, it also allows the optimal layer to thickness ratio for any location to be stated. Thickness is always expressed in microns. The typical AFDB ratio is 5/16.

Close Eyes

Close Eyes is used to warn paranoids of nearby psyoptical mind control dangers, allowing them to close their eyes before being exposed. An optional "psyoptic type" statement above the symbol can provide additional information. Some common psyoptic types (and their abbreviations) include:

  • Hypnospirals (HS)
  • Strobes (S)
  • Socioculturally resonant imagery (SCRI)
  • Paradoxical illusions (PI)
  • Instinctive reflex triggers (IRT)
  • Chromagitators (CA)
Use MindGuard

The Use MindGuard symbol can be used to warn of excessive psychotronic signals that require the use of active anti-psychotronic software, in particular MindGuard. You can also provide scan mode and depth settings so that other paranoids can set their portable MindGuard systems to decipher the contents of dangerous mind control signals transmitting on a particular carrier.

Psychalking Pocketcard

Psychalking pocketcard v0.1

No paranoid is complete without this handy pocketcard listing the psychalking symbols and how they are used. In fact, if you meet someone claiming to be paranoid and he can't produce this card, then chances are high that he is really a mole working for the NWO. Shove him down and run away quickly!

Simply download the PDF file, print and cut it out, and you are ready to psychalk! The card fits in your wallet where you would be keeping your credit cards if you weren't wise to how they are used to track people's movements.

You must download:

PDF of the card for printing [15.2 kibioctets]