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Here's what some of our beta testers had to say about Nemester:

Dr. Ernesto, 56, Evil Genius, from Aquadome under Adriatic Sea says:

Those fools! They said I was mad to sign up for Nemester! But now they shall know true fear and tremble in awe as I easily organize my many enemies' enemies into an unholy network of retribution using Nemesters' powerful online tools. Die, those who oppose me! Die a thousand painful deaths!

The Philatelist, 38, Obsessive Collector, from London says:

I have met many numismatists through Nemester. They have all felt my wrath. Bloody brillant service!

The Belgian, 44, Bureaucrat, from Brussels says:

Of course, in Belgium our government provides each with free personal nemesis of much higher quality than you provide. However, for non-Belgians, your service would be acceptable.

The Stinkin' Pirate, 37, Privateer, from the Caribbean says:

Arrr! I be not knowin' of a better place wheres to find fodder for me gang plank!

The Prodigy, 8, Amateur Cryptologist, from The Institute says:

I was very curious to see who my enemies are and was fascinated to learn that while Psychohistory Professor Stilton is on the list, Jimmy Rasmussen is not, even though he used his telekinetic abilities against me last week at recess while playing centrifugal bumblepuppy. Very curious indeed!

Kofi, 65, Secretary-General of the United Nations, from Ghana says:

I signed up everyone at UN Headquarters for Nemester. Security Council meetings run much smoother now that we all know who's plotting against whom.

The German Industrialist, 87, Industrialist, from Germany says:

Mit Nemester, ich haben Schadenfreude von mein Doppelgänger! Danke Nemester!

A Penguin, 1, Linux Enthusiast, from Antarctica says:

I was somewhat disapointed to learn that my nemesis is a seal and not Bill Gates. When are you releasing the Nemester source? Perhaps I could fix it for you.

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