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Note: This page was created way back in 1998 when people actually compiled pages of links manually, which they then had to monitor to make sure none went dead. Can you imagine? While it has been updated periodically since then, there will probably be broken links or things not included that should be. If you find anything amiss or missing, please email me.

Decimalized Time Sites

  • The International Meridian Conference Proceedings, Oct. 1884 - Resolution VII of the Final Act of these proceedings, which established the Greenich Prime Meridian, states: "That the Conference expresses the hope that the technical studies designed to regulate and extend the application of the decimal system to the division of angular space and of time shall be resumed, so as to permit he extension of this application to all cases in which it presents real advantages." All parties to the conference voted in the affirmative on this resolution except Germany, Sweden, and Guatemala which abstained.
  • A New Time For Australia - Will Australia be the first country to switch to MT?
  • Aristean Decimal Time - "New time system in decimal format covering the duration or elapsed time issue, and the clock time or time of day issue." Uses "aristo" for centidays and starts the day at sundown (18:00 ABT).
  • The Decimal Time Society - With a decimalized date starting on the vernal equinox, AD 2000. Also a 10 day week. Also includes a poem.
  • Global Standard Time (XTime) - Coordinated to the International Date Line.
  • Grand Admiral Petry's Metric Time Page - "American Standard Metric Time: the HESIT ... Metric time divides the day into 40 demur(s) and centigrad hesit(s)".
  • John Hynes' Decimal Time - Overview of decimalized time formats including (Modified|Truncated) Julian Dates, Unix, French Republic, Stardates, etc. with java clocks (digital and analog) illustrating them and a conversion table. Also links and a discussion board.
  • Martian Time - Proposal for decimalized time system (and others) and calendar to be used by martian colonists. Will they beat the Aussies?
  • Metric Time - Uses a 25h/100m/100s format plus has nonstandard years.
  • Metric Time - This one uses a unit called a "tick" which is based on the solar year. It has a metric calendar too. It also has a links section which looks strangely familiar...
  • RyoSystem - A replacement for a portion of the SI metric system that includes a decimilized time based on a centiday, here called a Choi (Ch).
  • Universal Time Organization - "Promoting a metric based system that is co-ordinated on UTC".
  • WRLD.time - IDL Coordinated, day divided into 100 measures of 100 beats. predecessor of GST.
  • XAQ Metric Time (XMT) - Base unit is a Pulse (a mean solar day), also has a decimalized calandar system.

French Revolutionary Style Metric Time Sites

(10/100/100 Format)

10 Day Week Sites

  • 10-Day Week - Advocacy of a 10 day week on an economic basis.

Other Non-Standard Time Systems

  • Analog SVG Metric Clock - 20/100/100 format, uses W3C's SVG image format.
  • Florencetime.net - Promoting a universal hexadecimal metric system (SMH), including a time format. (Mostly in French.)
  • NATURE'S HARMONIC SIMULTANEOUS 4-DAY TIME CUBE - "Greenwich Time is a Lie - Your midday is someone else's midnight, someone else's sundown and even someone else's sunup. Do you know that time is a simultaneous 4 corner square that rotates to a 4 day time cube within 1 - 24 hour rotation of Earth? You are educated stupid and unable to know nature's 4 day time cube." Just in case you thought Metric Time was weird...
  • "I LIke DOS"'s Metric Time Page - Divides the day into 40 hours (representing the 40,000 km circumfrence ofthe Earth) and decimalizes the rest.
  • New Earth Time - Some Anglo-Babylonians who want us to divide the day up into 360 degrees.
  • OmniTime - Divides the year into 360 days to create a "global business time".
  • The 28 Hour Day - 28 hours a day, six days a week.
  • The Long Now Foundation - Daniel Hillis's 10000 year clock.
  • The Hex Clock - Hexadecimal time. Also has in depth discusion of mathematical bases, and shows how counting on your hands in base-6 is more pragmatic.
  • STime - Base-9 time system also with 9 day weeks and 9 week seasons. Has nice Java clock.
  • 28 Hour Day - With hours the same length as ABT!
  • Mare Chronium -- A Brief History of Martian Time - Histories of various systems of keeping time on Mars.

Other Temporal Reformists


  • MtClock - A Gnome 2 (unix/linux) applet that shows metric time.
  • clokz - clokz is a simple application for Palm handheld computers that displays the current time in a variety of formats, including decimalized formats.
  • @Time - Skinable clock using Swatch's Internet Time.
  • WMZCalock - My own clock app for X Windows that can display in a number of formats, with adjustable colors and fonts.


(Watches & Clocks)

  • Digital Display Systems - Makers of large digital clocks. They have metric versions, including one using the Australian Metric Time format. A little on the expensive side for the average enthusiast, but perfect for businesses wanting to condition their workers into accepting Metric Time.
  • Swatch - They have watches that display their "Internet Time" format. Site's full of direct-link-befuddling frames, javascript, and flash so just search for their .beat and synchro.beat collections. I haven't tried these watches, but you should be able to set them to use a time zone other than Switzerland's.

Horology & ABT


General Information on the Metric System

  • NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty - "Official NIST reference providing essential information and background information. Includes: Values of the fundamental physical constants and related information, Searchable bibliography on the constants, In-depth information on the SI, the modern metric system, and Guidelines for the expression of uncertainty in measurement."
  • U.S. Metric Association - (USMA) Non-profit organization that advocates metric use in the US. Has a lot of pages on correct usage of SI and conversions and lots-o-links.
  • Large and Small Numbers - Metric Prefixes - All the metric prefixes from yotta to yocto! Plus, some measurements in seldom used units (did you know the Earth's mass is 5983 Yg?)