Kelvin's Kids Club: For Thermo-Dynamic Kids!
The Lord Kelvin is your friend!
Hi Kids! My name is Kelvin and I'm your Lord! I'm here to tell you that Entropy isn't cool... well, technically it is, but not in the good way! If you worship Me, I can Conserve you from that mean, old Entropy. Plus, it's fun to worship Me! To see how fun, take a look at the Fun-Time Kelvinic activities below!

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Didja' Know...?

...That the Lord Kelvin loves you and wants to Conserve you from Entropy? Now you know!

Science Fun!

Bubbles! 'Blow a soap bubble and observe it. You may study it all your life and draw one lesson after another in physics from it.'

- The Lord Kelvin

Soap bubbles are fun and scientific, and they're simple to make! Get a little liquid soap (the sort your mother uses for washing the dishes works great!) and mix it with a some water to thin it. Now get one of your father's pipe cleaners (ask first!) and bend the top half into a closed loop, leaving the rest as a handle. Dip the loop into the soapy water. When you pull it out, a soap film will be stretched across the loop. Now hold the loop up near your mouth and blow gently. You just made a bubble!

Observe the bubble. What shape is it and why? Can you create other shapes, such as a cube or a tetrakaidecahedron? (Hint: try using more than one bubble.)

Make your own telephone! 'The telephone is one of the most interesting inventions that has ever been made in the history of science.'

- The Lord Kelvin

You can make a telephone of your very own! You will need two paper cups, two buttons, a length of string, something pointy like a pencil, and a friend. Begin by poking a hole in the bottom of each cup big enough for the string. Insert the ends of the string separately into the holes so that each end is inside a different cup. Finally, tie each string end firmly to a button. Now, when you and your friend pull the cups apart until the string is taut, you will be able to talk to each other! Simply hold your cup to your ear to listen to what your friend has to say or speak into your cup to say something to your friend!

Experiment using a longer length of string to see how far you can make your telephone work. Also try running the string under a body of water -- such as a stream or pool -- and see if the sound quality is better or worse. The Lord Kelvin teaches us that the material world is made out of Strings of His non-Entropic Love. How are these Strings similar to the string you used to make a telephone? Does the Lord Kelvin communicate with us in a similar fashion?

Parents and teachers! To get supplies for more fun science lessons and experiments, click here.

What Would Kelvin Do?

Beware the opium poppy! If a fellow youngster offered you opium, what should you do? Is it just harmless fun or the road to Entropy? Let's look at the facts first before you answer:

Eaters of opium -- and those that consume other drugs -- may seem like 'hip' people who would be fun to 'hang' with, but in reality they lead lives that are destructive to themselves, their family, and their friends. The hunger for their tinctures and 'joints' over-powers their sense of right from wrong, causing them to betray anyone who places any trust in them, including society. Whether it be the mental vegetation of gunjeh smokers or the social unrest of laudanum-induced acts of thievery and insolence to the Lord Kelvin, the Entropy of drugs is plain to see. Hasheeshins, morphine fiends, and sniffers of the chloroform bottle alike suffer due to their respective habits, which will lead to such Entropic conditions as running a-mok, insanity, soporification, and eventually death! Also, alcohol -- while seeming harmless -- is actually a gateway drug to absinthe -- which is pure liquid Entropy!

Clearly, drugs are Entropic. Now ask yourself: 'What would the Lord Kelvin do if offered opium?' What should you do?

If all your friends wore red hats, would you? If your peers try to pressure you to 'fit in' by dressing a certain way, taking drugs, joining a gang, or doing something that you know to be wrong, what should you do?

'Fitting in' -- contrary to what Darwinists may tell you -- is Entropic. That which 'fits into' its environment must lose itself to that environment, reaching an equilibrium with it as He tells us in His Second Law. So too does the youngster who tries to 'fit in' with the environment of his peer group. Peer pressure is just another form of Entropy.

Kelvinian Youth Groups, however, are based on the non-Entropic Love of the Lord Kelvin; there is no peer pressure in them since He who exerts the Pressure is without a peer. If you experience peer pressure, seek out a Kelvinian Youth Group instead. It's what Kelvin would do!

What is it?
Can you guess what this is a picture of?
Kelvin's Kitchen

I scream for ice cream!Homemade Ice Cream? It's Easy! Make a treat that's not only tasty but also shows us the Thermodynamic teachings of the Lord Kelvin and their role in our lives.


  • 1 cup cold milk
  • 1 cup cold cream
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • any other flavorings (optional)

You will also need:

  • 1 lb and 3 lb size coffee cans
    (both cleaned and with lids)
  • chopped ice
  • at least 1/2 cup rock salt
  • adhesive tape, towel, and spatula

Mix ingredients into the smaller can. Place tight-fitting lid on it and place inside the larger can. Pack the space around smaller can with alternating layers of chopped ice and rock salt (be sure to use all the salt). Secure lid on larger can with tape. Roll the can on the floor back and forth between yourself and a friend. After 10 minutes, open the larger can, remove the smaller one and wipe its top clean before opening it. Stir up the contents, scraping off the sides with a spatula. Return smaller can to larger one, replacing the lids on both. Roll can for another 5 minutes. You now have ice cream!

What role did Thermodynamics play? Heat energy in the ice cream mix flowed to the colder brine (by adding salt to the ice, you lowered its freezing point thereby lowering its temperature) until the two were at a similar temperature. This is His Second Law of Thermodynamics and what you have witnessed is an increase in Entropy. While being ultimately a bad thing, Entropy does have some temporal benefits -- such as tasty frozen treats! This is why the Lord Kelvin, in His infinite wisdom, allows Entropy to exist. You can thank your Lord for your homemade ice cream that was created using His Second Law by asking that He Conserve you so that you can bask in His perpetual, non-Entropic Love. Enjoy!

Family Fun!

Yummy ground meat in a wee sheep's stomach! Here's something you can help your mother make for your family dinner: Haggis!
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