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Press release and carriage report for WORLD NEWS FOR PUBLIC TELEVISION


Program Will Originate From ITN In London And Be Distributed Nationally By APS

New York, NY--October 22--Beginning Monday, November 2, public television viewers across the U.S. will have a new source of nightly international news coverage as Thirteen/WNET in New York, WTVS/Detroit, and WPBT/Miami take the lead in launching WORLD NEWS FOR PUBLIC TELEVISION. Anchored by the respected British journalist Daljit Dhaliwal, the half-hour program will provide a vital source of in-depth, global news. The newscast, which is produced by ITN, takes its cue from the popular ITN World News and builds its comprehensive coverage upon ITN's years of experience in generating authoritative news programming. American Program Service, a major source of programming for public television, will distribute the broadcast nationally.

WORLD NEWS FOR PUBLIC TELEVISION premieres Monday, November 2, 1998 at 5:30 p.m. (ET) on Thirteen/WNET in New York and on 43 public television stations nationwide (check local listings). Initially, the broadcast will reach 40% of all U.S. households and include most major markets, with more public television stations expected to be added to the consortium in the future.

"ITN is one of the most highly regarded news organizations in Europe and we are thrilled to be bringing their journalistic expertise to America," said William F. Baker, president of Thirteen/WNET. "People look to public television for cogent, comprehensive analysis of current affairs. Each weeknight WORLD NEWS FOR PUBLIC TELEVISION with Daljit Dhaliwal will give viewers a regular place to turn for in-depth understanding of major world events."

"We are delighted that so many of the major markets in public television have chosen ITN to provide this service," said Steward Purvis, Chief Executive of ITN. "We aim to produce a program that will meet their demands for high quality international news from our extensive network of correspondents and reporters around the world."

"I'm really excited about the program because this now gives us the chance to reach even more American viewers who want a serious take on international news," said Daljit Dhaliwal. "I hope that I'll be able to give a fresh perspective to the major events that we will be reporting on from around the world."

Since her debut on ITN's international news in 1995, Dhaliwal has developed a devoted following in the U.S. The new program will give her a larger role, with reports that consistently focus on international events meaningful to an American audience. The broadcast will also include a nightly, national weather report.

WORLD NEWS FOR PUBLIC TELEVISION, from ITN in London, is a presentation of Thirteen/WNET New York, in conjunction with WTVS/Detroit and WPBT/Miami. The program is distributed to public television stations nationwide by APS (American Program Service).

Thirteen/WNET in New York is one of the key providers of programming for public television, bringing such acclaimed series as NATURE, GREAT PERFORMANCES, AMERICAN MASTERS and CHARLIE ROSE - as well as the work of BILL MOYERS - to audiences nationwide. More information about Thirteen/WNET can be found at http://www.wnet.org.

ITN is one of the largest and most respected independent news organizations in the world, producing news and other factual programming for national and international channels. More information about ITN, including an updated list of public television stations carryingWORLD NEWS FOR PUBLIC TELEVISION, may be found at the ITN Web site, www.itn.co.uk.

APS, located in Boston, is a major source of programming for American public television stations. Known for identifying innovative programs and developing creative distribution techniques, APS provides stations with program choices that enable them to strengthen and customize their schedules. It also serves as an essential distribution and funding option for producers.

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WNET - New York, NY
WYCC - Chicago, IL
WYBE - Philadelphia
KRCB - Rohnert Park, CA
WETA - Washington, DC
WNVT - Falls Church, VA
WNVC - Falls Church, VA
WHUT - Washington, DC
KERA - Dallas, TX
WTVS - Detroit, MI
WPBA - Atlanta, GA
WUHT - Houston, TX
KBTC - Tacoma, WA
KCTS - Seattle, WA
KTCA - St. Paul, MN
WPBT - North Miami, FL
KRMA - Denver, CO
KVIE - Sacramento, CA
KETC - St. Louis, MO
WTBU - Indianapolis, IN
CONN - Hartford, CT
WPTO - Dayton, OH
WMHT - Schenectady, NY
WVIR - Beckley, WV
WDCQ - University Center, MI
KWSU - Pullman, WA
KSPS - Spokane, WA
NEBR - Lincoln, NE
WSIU - Carbondale, IL
VERM - Colchester, VT
KTSC - Pueblo, CO
WNMU - Marquette, MI
KUSM - Bozeman, MT

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