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George Magazine (Donald Milne)
Esquire Magazine (Dah Len)
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Sub Galleries

I've distributed the photos to sub galleries to keep the load times down:

PBS (Updated: 2009-09-25)
Screen grabs and other photos related to Daljit's various gigs at PBS.
CNN (Updated: 2004-07-22)
Screen grabs and other photos related to Daljit's time at CNN.
Screen grabs from World News For Public Television, the program that made her famous.
Channel 4
Screen grabs from her occasional subbing on the British Channel 4 news.
Various sources including magazine articles, publicity photos, and an appearance on the TV show Lowri.

Other Sites With Photos

These sites already have photos of Daljit in gallery form:

CNN Babes
Mostly screen grabs from her stint at CNN.
The Fifth Annual SAJA Dinner & Awards Ceremony
"A dinner & dance cruise with Daljit Dhaliwal of ITN." 4 photos with her (excluding a crowd shot where you can barely see her)

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