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SPECIAL REPORT: California Power Grab

Grand Coulee Dam generators producing Cascadian electricity -- to be used to air condition Los Angeles during the winter?

Industrial Terrorism, L.A. Style

In a cowardly retaliatory move against the righteous cause of Cascadian national cohesion, the Federalist State of California -- which is occupying the Cascadian region of Northern California -- is trying to steal our supplies of electrical power.

Federalist California is insisting that we must give them vast amounts of our electricity to keep their desert Fantasyland from blacking out. In order to get what they want, they are threatening to call on the occupying American Federalist Government to force us -- through the Federal controlled Bonneville Power Administration -- to sell them all the power they demand at whatever price they ask, but with no obligation for them to pay!

If California's demands are met there will not be enough power to feed Cascadian industry. Already Cascadian businesses have been affected: Kaiser Aluminum plants in Washington Prefecture (important producers of anti-psychotronic technological resources feared by the Federalist Government) have been forced to shut down operations for at least 10 months because of rising costs due to Californian market forces.

"It is pretty obvious there is price manipulation going on," stated Washington Prefectural Governer Gary Locke, calling the high energy costs a "massive transfer of wealth, not only out of Washington but out of [Cascadia]".

This price manipulation is part of a greater power supply manipulation by the Federalist forces. By manipulating the distribution of power, they are able to make it seem as if there is a shortage in California, thereby creating a false emergency situation that will justify their seizure of Cascadian power.

Clearly California's true goal is not "public safety" as they claim, but rather industrial terrorism against Cascadia. By robbing us of our power then trying to sell it back to us at high rates they are attempting to cripple us economically, thereby hurting our ability to defend our natural borders against further Federalist incursions from California.

First they wanted our water, now they want the power generated by it.

Domestically produced hydroelectricity accounts for 70% of Cascadian power consumption. This fact has led Cascadian patriot Slade Gorton to call the power grab the "grandchild of California's attempts to steal Columbia River water 30 years ago."

Besides hurting our economy, California's attempt to force us to produce more energy for them will hurt salmon populations -- a vital resource not only economically but also ecologically and culturally -- throughout our nation by forcing us to tap more of our water reserves, disrupting spawning runs.

A Call To Ohms

We, the citizens of Cascadia, will not be bullied out of our electricity. Unless the Federalists cease in their attempts to hijack our power, we will be forced to cut the lines to the Pacific Northwest-Pacific Southwest Intertie that connects the Cascadian power grid to Southern California and other Federalist controlled states. Cascadia has the ability to provide for its own power needs, but without the ability to purchase our plentiful electricity, Californians will find themselves at an economic disadvantage.

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