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Liberation and Annexation of Northern California

Mt. Shasta
Mt. Shasta, an integral part of the Cascade range -- now in the hands of Californians.

NorCal: A Cascadian Region

Northern California rightfully and naturally is a part of the Republic of Cascadia. The Cascade mountain range, the backbone of our nation, stretches majestically down from the head of British Columbia and seats itself in this occupied region. This land -- the Coccyx of Cascadia -- is a natural and vital extension of our nation that was robbed from us by distant Federalists who were easily bought with Californian promises of gold.

But it isn't merely geography that unites us. The peoples of Northern California share a common culture with other Cascadians and find themselves oppressed by the occupational SoCalist government which wants nothing more than to replace redwoods with hollywoods. There can be no freedom for our brothers and sisters in Northern California as long as their land is occupied by the forces of tinseled tormentors.

This is why we must annex Northern California.

Liberation of NorCal

By annexing Northern California, we are merely restoring Cascadia to its natural state; making what was fragmented by despotism whole again by righteous action. We are also liberating an oppressed people living under not only the subjugation from afar by Columbian Districtarians but also the regional dominion of corrupt, thirst-addled Angelino potentates and Bay-area Bohemian Grove cabalists.

Eventually, annexed Northern California will be combined with Southern Oregon to form the fourth Cascadian prefecture of Jefferson, which will act as a stalwart against Californian incursions.

While military intervention is not warranted at this time, Californians should be warned that the Cascadian Department of Defense is willing and able to deploy a 2,000-Hominoid strong force (easily besting the stomping and limb-ripping power of 20,000 humans) into the region if SoCal occupational forces continue their buildup north of Lassen Peak. Until such drastic measures are deemed necessary, NorCal Cascadian loyalists will continue to subvert SoCal dominion by non-violent methods, including using advanced, Cascadian-developed MindGuard technology to jam the Californian mind control carriers used to keep Northern Californians obedient.

FlagThe Republic Of Cascadia