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Lyle Zapato

British Pathé's Disinfo War On Aluminium Hats

Lyle Zapato | 2016-08-24.9730 LMT | Aluminum | Fashion | Retro

After AFDB technology was rediscovered by paranoids in the 1920s, psychotronic practitioners sought to diminish this threat to their control. One method was through disinformational propaganda, such as this example from British Pathé:

While seeming to winkingly encourage the use of psychotronic protection, Pathé's design actually promotes poor deflective coverage, allowing ground-based psychotrons free lateral access to the wearer's brain. The hope of the Psychotronic Elite was that bad practices such as this promoted in newsreels and other popular mass media would overwhelm paranoid samizdat, thereby diverting would-be paranoids -- who might have only heard vague whisperings that ALUMINUM = FREEDOM -- from the proper beanied path.

However, following panicked realization among their NWO minders that Pathé's advice might lead orthonoiac fashionistas to mistakenly use larger saucepans and unwittingly free themselves from mind-control, World War Two was invented, in part, as a pretense for the voluntary surrender of all aluminum pots and pans, which Pathé's desperately chipper propaganda encouraged:

This over-reactive scramble to fix Pathé's blunder was short-lived as it was more likely to raise suspicious thoughts than suppress them. By the 1960s, Pathé's propagandists had returned to misinformational fashion advice:

With the increased use of more advanced devices such as satellite-based psychotrons, Pathé was obliged to consult mind-control technicians who refined their aluminum fashions to not just avoid blocking mind-control, but to actively assist it -- thereby enlisting fashion-conscious orthonoids to aid in their own subjugation.

In particular, the last design shown in the video -- what we may refer to as an Aluminum Plate Focusing Collar (APFC) -- was clearly intended to concentrate satellite signals using a concave deflection surface with its focal point in the lower-levels of the brain, where they can have the most insidious effect:

Pathé also propagandized some less successful experiments in satellite manipulation of a subject's peripheral nervous system, such as this slapdash attempt at an Aluminum Parabolic Autonomic Concentrator (APAC) -- which obviously would have only limited application beyond remotely animating the bodies of beachgoers, and then not as inconspicuously as more conventional cerebrosonic methods:

With their lackluster record at dissuading AFDB use, Pathé's newsreel propaganda factory was shuttered in 1970 at the behest of their NWO minders, who instead focused on more practical televisual manipulation.

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