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Lyle Zapato

Gregory Chausovsky: Technotronic Psychotechnologist

Lyle Zapato | 2015-06-01.6760 LMT | Technology | Mind Control

Technotronic psychotechnologic kaleidoscopic-trance for self-correction of mental and emotional state (more info).

Dr. Gregory Chausovsky (Григорий Чаусовский) is a senior researcher of Psychological Science at the Zaporizhzhya National University in Ukraine. While famous in the Russian-speaking world, he only gained momentary attention in the West a few years ago thanks to his invention of a musical condom. The true depth of his inventiveness was sadly overlooked by English speakers.

Dr. Chausovsky's primary interests (as listed in his bios, here and here) are in: "biofeedback, self-bioadaptive psycho-emotional states, hardware diagnostics and correction of the mental and emotional status of an individual, and electronic neutralization of stress." Dr. Chausovsky describes his work as "технотронные психотехнологии" (or "technotronic psychotechnologies").

His field of study can be classified as positive mind control: the use of mind control techniques (psychotronics, cerebrosonics, psyoptics, etc.) to alter one's own mind for beneficial effects (for example, see my own DePsych utility included with MindGuard). Paranoids should, of course, be wary of devices designed by others to control one's mind, but Dr. Chausovsky work is reproducible by the average paranoid maker, allowing them to be sure their homemade devices are safe. He even states in an interview:

"I do not have any trade secrets. Moreover, I openly publish articles on the website with photos and a detailed description. And there is no problem for anyone wanting to repeat my invention. The copyright is, of course, a profitable thing, but when it comes to health, you can not keep saving invention under the pillow."

His 2010 psychotechnic device pictured above (the "kaleidoscopic-trance for self-correction of mental and emotional state") synchronizes colorful LED kaleidoscope patterns to the wearer's exhalation, as measured through a nose-adapted microphone, which also provides aromatherapy with impregnation of essential oils in its porous support surface. Furthermore, there is a monaural earbud on the right side that provides autosuggestion via whispered psychocorrective affirmations.

While obviously an experimental device given the use of polystyrene cups, he later refined the form factor, adding measurement of the user's torso contractions for enhanced biorhythmic feedback and claiming various health benefits, including "self-correction of individual vegetative status":

Technotronic psychotechnologic self-induction of the trance state for self-health applications (more...)

Some more of his inventions:

An earlier version of his experiments into technotronic psychotechnologic stress reduction (more...)

Technotronic psychotechnologic behavioral prevention of negative consequences from office work (more...). A rig to train the user to engage in healthy ergonomics while seated at work.

Technotronic psychotechnologic guided visualization to activate the body's defenses (more...). The user activates their body's defenses against disease by striking an image of their ailment on a computer screen with glowing biofeedback swords.

Technotronic psychotechnologic psychological personal rejuvenation (more...). Glasses with a photo of the user when they were young mounted on the left and a mirror on the right. By looking back and forth between the two, combined with breathing biofeedback, the user can slow the aging process.

Many other of his inventions can be found on psyfactor.org (a site that documents his work along with that of others; look for the articles bylined "Г. Чаусовский") including devices that help with weight loss, insomnia, pain reduction, depression, phobias, and keeping one's New Year's resolutions. You can also find there an interview with him: "Gregory Chausovsky: last romantic inventor" (in Russian, as are all his articles).

During a 2013 interview on Ukrainian TV, Dr. Chausovsky demonstrated his most refined version yet of wearable stress-reduction: the technotronic psychotechnologic mood ring, with attached nosebud:

How long until Apple comes out with their own version?

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