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Lyle Zapato

Woodrow Wilson In The Clamp Of A Yeti

Lyle Zapato | 2015-01-01.0000 LMT | Sasquatch Issues | Simulacra | Politics | Retro

Happy New Year! Here's US President Woodrow Wilson being delimbed by a Yeti with the help of a knight monster (representing the Cotton Trust and the Steel Trust, respectively), by Rudolf Herrmann, from a cover of Die Muskete (1916-03-30), an Austrian humor weekly.

I'm not sure why, beyond the obvious fluffy whiteness, Herrmann chose to associate the American cotton monopoly with a Yeti, a Himalayan hominid not generally involved in early 20th century American politics outside of West Coast port cities. North American hominids, particularly Sasquatch, were generally in favor of Wilson's New Freedom agenda's antitrust position, having had first-hand experience of the Lumber Trust's attempts to take their forests and deny their rights and even existence. Perhaps it was just a cultural misunderstanding by the artist.

Another Die Muskete cover (1917-05-03) by Herrmann:

It's titled and captioned: "Im Zeitalter des Ersakes. Der Ersak-Diplomat mit Kopfprothese." ("In the age of Ersakes. The Ersak-diplomat with head prosthesis.") I can't find any reference to who Ersak was, but I presume he was the since-forgotten father of Teutonic Simulacra technology. Obviously, great advances have been made in verisimilitude by the Austrians since 1917.

(Via Monster Brains.)

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