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Lyle Zapato

Tim Murray Exposes The Simulacra Conspiracy

Lyle Zapato | 2014-06-27.7770 LMT | Simulacra | Politics

Timothy Murray
Timothy Murray: Oklahoma primary candidate & brave Simulacra whistleblower.

Timothy Ray Murray, who on Tuesday allegedly "lost" the Oklahoma 3rd Congressional district Republican primary to supposed incumbent US Representative Frank Lucas, is now threatening to break the set of political theater by exposing the conspiracy at the heart of modern government: most politicians are actually android replacements known as Simulacra.

In a statement to the press on his campaign site, Murray contests the validity of the votes for "Rep. Lucas" since the real Lucas has been dead since his 2011 execution by hanging in Ukraine and was subsequently replaced with a look-alike robot:

News Person,

The election for U.S. House for Oklahoma’s 3rd District will be contested by the Candidate, Timothy Ray Murray. I will be stating that his votes are switched with Rep. Lucas votes, because it is widely known Rep. Frank D. Lucas is no longer alive and has been displayed by a look alike. Rep. Lucas’ look alike was depicted as sentenced on a white stage in southern Ukraine on or about Jan. 11, 2011.

The conspiracy is larger than just Lucas' replacement; other US Congress members were also executed and replaced, or are involved in the conspiracy through their silence:

Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK)
Rep. "Frank Lucas" (R-OK): not human.

Rep. Frank Lucas, and a few other Oklahoma and other States’ Congressional Members were depicted as being executed by The World Court on or about Jan. 11, 2011 in Southern Ukraine. On television they were depicted as being executed by the hanging about the neck until death on a white stage and in front of witnesses. Other now current Members of Congress have shared those facts on television also. We know that it is possible to use look alike artificial or manmade replacements, however Rep. Lucas was not eligible to serve as a Congressional Member after that time.

Murray makes clear that these are robotic A.I. replacements, not mere actors, and that he wants no part in this:

I will NEVER use Artificial Intelligence look alike to voice what The Representative’s Office is doing nor own a robot look alike. The World knows the truth, and We must always share the truth.

Although he is a direct descendent of George Washington -- the first figurehead of the US psychotronic state and member of many secret societies and occult orders -- and used some of the Washington family's vast treasure to fund his purchase of oil, gas, and mineral rights in Oklahoma, Murray is not entirely on their side. Besides the Simulacra Conspiracy, he's also concerned about the Military's use of his DNA, and is willing to expose that conspiracy too if it will protect The People from harm:

I am contesting that this matter has happen since his election was blocked, because of the U.S. Defense Department’s use of Mr. Murray’s DNA. To my knowledge, the U.S. Defense Department has not released to the public that information, as it is their confidential information about many people. Congress is likely wanting me to state that all my DNA used will not result in benefits to people I have never had relations with of a family nature. I have been bound to protect that information unless it causes harm to The People.

Since Murray doesn't elaborate, one can only speculate on what information is hidden in his pedigreed DNA: an encoded map to Templar/Freemason booty? proof of paraterrestrial-human bloodline mingling among NWO elite families? Or maybe he's just concerned agents of the Dark Enlightenment will use it to finally clone and groom an heir to Washington's still-waiting throne.

Besides his familiarity with hereditary secrets, having been sworn by President Ford to lifetime duty as a US Shadow Ambassador to the UN, the Honorable Mr. Murray has undoubtedly seen some stuff. He knows what really goes on in the upper echelons of the NWO, or at least the mid echelons. Regardless, that there are echelons involved is not in question, and he freely reveals that he has used his access to them to avert some of the more extreme actions by factions of the the NWO, such as the kidnapping and transport of humans via starships to unknown paraterrestrial destinations and the mass de-humanization of our species via chip implants:

Requested and obtained in 2013, Protection from partial or whole life placement on Starship without the knowledge and or will of any person(s) on Earth or in Space, and the storage of partial human size life on Earth or in this Solar system. This matter is sealed with The People, The U.S. President, and The U.S. Supreme Court.


Requested and obtained removal, from humans, of an illegal de-human chip from persons abroad and in armed forces use. Helped block the 7th day Legislation in the ‘70’s that would put the 666 de-human chip in every person on earth. In prevention of the fore-mentioned, it was sealed with The People, The U.S. President, and The U.S. Supreme Court at that time and since that time.

(The 666 chip is, of course, the companion chip to the ubiquitous 555 chip, which was to send out timing signals to synchronize the actions of those implanted with a 666. While Murray may have helped keep this Military-Industrial program from fruition -- he is, understandably, vague on the political machinations involved -- by the turn of the century it was largely depreciated by noninvasive WiFi-based population control schemes.)

Interestingly, Murray's whistleblowing comes not even a month after the final decommissioning of rogue Seattle Simulacrum Ken Schram, whose post-self-awareness antics have long threatened to expose the Simulacra Conspiracy to the general public. Presumably Ken would have awarded a "Schrammie" in honor of Murray's exposé. (Fortunately, he didn't, since consumption by the Schramogrification process would've been infinitely worse than postmortem doppelgänging.)

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