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Washington Monument: Everybody Knows

Lyle Zapato | 2014-04-27.5490 LMT | NWO | Mind Control | Aluminum | Bohemian Grove Cabal | Retro | Fashion

Owl perched atop Washington Monument

The above ominous illustration is a detail from a 1921 ad in the Washington Times for Brodt's Inc., a Washington D.C. hat seller:

Behatted men look at owl perched atop Washington Monument

The cryptosymbolic imagery of this ad is blatant to the knowledgeable paranoid: The owl is, of course, a favorite symbol of the NWO, especially the Bohemian Grove Cabal branch that manages D.C. It's perched atop the Washington Monument, which is pointed with an aluminum pyramidion that serves as a psychotronic prism for the distribution of the NWO's mind-control signals throughout the Capital (more, albeit credulous, details about the pyramidion's construction can be found here).

Naturally to the orthonoiac reader, being an ad for hats, the super-deformed Washingtonians all have their heads covered -- but really their juxtaposition to the monument/mind-control-tower informed the NWO elite controlling the psychotronic machines of state that Brodt's was the place to get their required hat-camouflaged aluminum head-shielding to avoid succumbing to their own mind-control. Presumably closer reading of the ad copy will reveal the secret watchword or hand-sign used to notify Brodt's' sales staff that one was interested in the "special hats".

Even the "everybody knows" slogan, ostensibly a harmless reference to Brodt's renowned hattery, is really a statement of the psychotronocracy's goal of ubiquitous orthonoia: "everybody knows what we make them know".

Interestingly, the Brodt's ad was repurposed later that year to promote an appearance by baseball legend "Babe" Ruth at their new 14th St. location (which caused a "near-riot") -- possibly the earliest recorded link between Major League Baseball and the mind-control satellites*.

* Yes, there were satellites in the 1920s. The Shadow Space Program was well established long before Sputnik. As all true paranoids are aware, the real hoax of the Moon landing was that it was faked on a soundstage at the USAF base on the dark side of the Moon.

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