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Lyle Zapato

Brain Socialism!

Lyle Zapato | 2013-06-14.6240 LMT | Retro | Mind Control | Technology

"If a man lacks brains, give him some of somebody else's!"
Astonishing new operations are being performed, "evening
up" the brain power of defectives with excess energy of
super-normal men and women!

From Chicago paper The Day Book, May 17, 1916. Obamacare foretold in 1916? The article is actually about a thyroid graft, but clearly the editors could see where this was all heading:

New York, May 17.—Brain socialism! Is the time at hand when all humanity's mental wealth is going to be equalized by drawing off the superlative mentality of highly stimulated brains, and infusing it into the defectives, the subnormal and backward children, hitherto a menace to society?

These are the amazing possibilities opened up by an epoch-making operation just performed at St. Mary's hospital in Brooklyn.

Side by side on two operating tables lay a high-string, mentally over-active woman of a well-to-do family and a backward child of six years.

Skillful surgeons removed part of the enlarged thyroid gland, which had produced a goiter on the woman's throat, and transplanted it to the boy's throat. The operation was over in half an hour.

Within a few days the woman's former neurotic tendencies were notably diminished, while the boy at the end of the 15 days had developed clear speech and an active brain in place of his former mumbling and dullness.

The two were discharged from the hospital with mind and temperament brought in each case closer to the normal than they had been before.

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