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Lyle Zapato

After The Commonplace Comes Jumbo

Lyle Zapato | 2013-05-22.9690 LMT | Elephants | Nature | Art | Retro

Jumbo (1861 - 1885) was a world-famous, beloved elephant. All jumbo things are named in his honor. P. T. Barnum brought him to America. He died in a train accident in Ontario a few years later.

This illustration is from an ad in the April 25, 1883 issue of The Stark County Democrat announcing Jumbo's arrival in Canton, OH in four months time. I'm posting this mainly because it's a really nice image that's gone fairly unnoticed online (a Google image search only finds a few poor quality copies) and the Library of Congress's not-very-searchable-from-off-site scan of it is clean and high-res. Click here to see the complete original with all the barkeriffic copy.

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