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Lyle Zapato

Metric Time & Muffins

Lyle Zapato | 2012-08-20.7160 LMT | Metric System | Food | Technology

For members of the YouTube generation whose considered response to my article on Metric Time is "tl;dr lol", YouTube prodigy Thetechguy2000 has done a video advocating the extremely simple system:

His channel also contains other informative videos, like how to make chocolate chip muffins:

Why 10 common beliefs are bunk:

And a calculation showing the Internet weighs a mere 1.6mg (based on size estimates from Google's Eric Schmidt and Chinese research on applying Moore's law to Internet growth):

(NOTE: 10,000,000 terabytes is of course 10 exobytes, or more properly, ~8.67 exbioctets.)

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