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Lyle Zapato

The TRUTH About The Virgina Earthquake

Lyle Zapato | 2011-08-23.9930 LMT | Mind Control | Aluminum | NWO

The Washington Post reports that the Washington Monument suffered damage during Tuesday's 5.8 earthquake in Virginia:

The National Park Service says the Washington Monument may have suffered cracks near its top during Tuesday's earthquake, and the monument could be closed indefinitely.

Park service spokesman Bill Line said there appear to be cracks "at the very, very top" of the 555-foot tall structure, and structural engineers were being brought in Wednesday to conduct a close inspection.

They're claiming that the cracks are in the stone, but, as is known to most paranoids and little understood by the throngs of orthonoid tourists who stare up at it in mesmerized obliviousness, the "very, very top" of the monument is actually an aluminum pyramidion.

The Washington Monument's aluminum pyramidion before/after 'lightning rods' installed
The Washington Monument's aluminum pyramidion before (left) and after (right) the 1934 installation of augmented "lightning rods" (actually psychotronic attenuators). (Photos by Theodor Horydczak.)

The purpose of this pyramid is to act as a psychotronic prism, distributing throughout the Beltway mind-control signals sent from surrounding NWO offices and geostationary satellites. This psychotronic chakra of secret power has been the center of control in the American Federal Government since the pyramid was installed in 1884.

Master Mechanic P.H. McLaughlin installing the aluminum pyramid atop the Washington Monument
Master Psycho-Mechanic P.H. McLaughlin installing the aluminum pyramid atop the Washington Monument, December 6, 1884. Note how every worker is wearing a hat; these were aluminum lined to protect them from a live psychotronic test-signal while adjusting the alignment.

This TRUTH is, of course, symbolically represented on the reverse of the Great Seal, hidden in plain sight on the back of the US one-dollar bill.

Pyramid Eye
The Pyramid Eye of the Great Seal deflecting psychotronic rays. This original design for the central mind-control facility of the new nation was introduced in 1782, and later realized in the Washington Monument's aluminum pyramidion. Novus Ordo Seclorum is the traditional name for the New World Order.

So, has the earthquake-damaged pyramidion disrupted the flow of mind-control and allowed a glimmering of mental freedom to awaken in the puppet-class of D.C. politicians? Unfortunately, no.

In reality, the earthquake was most likely a misdirection, a man-made pseudoquake created via scalar technology, designed as cover and plausible deniability for when the pyramidion is serviced or replaced in the coming days, resulting in an even tighter grip on the minds of the ostensible ruling elite.

Already, manufactured rumors that the Monument is tilting have provided the National Park Service an opportunity to downplay the "cracks" at the top. Those "cracks", which sound so boring now compared to the catastrophic detumescence that we're assured won't happen, will be their excuse for having a work crew up there, which everyone will ignore.

The quake ruse was also useful since it justified the evacuation of Capitol Hill, allowing for a minor disruption in mind-control services in preparation for whatever work they plan to do on the pyramidion, without the risk of any briefly conscious legislators passing laws contrary to the wishes of the NWO.

End of post.