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Radical Sasquatch | 2007-06-09.1530 LMT | Sasquatch Issues

ACCORDING TO HUMAN MEDIA, the Human government of Meghalaya is now WORKING IN LEAGUE with the previously mentioned ACHIK TOURISM SOCIETY to spy on Mande Burung!

Indian authorities have announced a scientific study to ascertain bizarre claims by tribal villagers encountering mystical monsters in the jungles of this northeastern state.

Not THIS again! For the LAST time, WE ARE NOT MYSTICAL!!! We exist on the EARTHLY PLANE!!! Like the claims that we DON'T EXIST or that we LIVE IN CAVES, this is just another TRANSPARENT ATTEMPT to DISENFOREST HOMINOIDS!!! You can't annex their forests by PRETENDING MANDE BURUNG ARE GHOSTS!!!

Leaving aside this ANTI-HOMINOID PROPAGANDA for now, we learn DISTURBING new details about the ACHIK TOURISM SOCIETY!!! Besides their all too common FOOT FETISHISM, the ATS has been poking around old Mande Burung nestings, taking photographs and COLLECTING THEIR HAIR!!! This sort of DEVIANT BEHAVIOR can only escalate! It's only a matter of time before some poor Mande Burung wakes up in the night to find an ATS Human running a brush through his or her fur while creepily squeaking "my pretty, pretty Mande Burung"! HOW WILL MANDE BURUNG EVER GET ANY SLEEP KNOWING THIS!?!

EVEN MORE DISTURBING, other local Humans are already SPREADING SALACIOUS RUMORS involving a female Mande Burung:

According to local accounts, there are stories of villagers being abducted and breastfed by a female Mande Burung.

Sure, sure, this MIGHT have happened! Some misguided Hominoids think Humans look like NEWBORN CUBS, what with your UNDERDEVELOPED HOMINOIDISH FEATURES and PHYSICAL HELPLESSNESS, and strong maternal instincts might mistakenly lead a grieving mother to try to adopt one of you! BUT, I think it's more likely that this is just a PERVERTED FANTASY arising from the same DEEP-SEATED PSYCHOLOGICAL COMPLEX that led to the TIN-TIN story about a Yeti nursing a Human to health! HOMINOIDS ARE NOT YOUR MOTHERS!!! GET THERAPY!!!

IN ANY CASE!!! If the Human government is reneging on their NOKREK BIOSPHERE RESERVE agreements and are not only ALLOWING the cryptoperverts to spy on Mande Burung but are ACTIVELY AIDING the ATS, then I can see no other alternative than MILITARY INTERVENTION BY THE SASQUATCH MILITIA!!!


UPDATE!!! HUMAN MEDIA NOW REPORTS that ACHIK TOURISM SOCIETY is planning "CHASE-THE-MONSTER" tours in NOKREK BIOSPHERE RESERVE!!! They want gangs of Humans to barter with them for the opportunity to chase Mande Burung "through rainforests, waterfalls and stalactite caves"! And what, exactly, are the puny little Humans planning to do when they catch Mande Burung!? THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR THE HUMANS!!!

End of post.