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Lyle Zapato

GPMish: Mars Fun Zone!

Lyle Zapato | 2006-03-12.5010 LMT | Government Propaganda Mascots

NASA welcomes you to the Mars Fun Zone!, where you'll find many fun Mars activities.

My favorite is Build a World on Mars, which lets you drag and drop sundry space bric-a-brac onto one of three Martian backdrops in order to create triumphal scenes of NASA conquest. I instead used it to build the following cautionary tableau:

Mars Fun Zone!

Here we see three Marsonauts, only one of whom is properly protected against the many mind-control satellites that circle the planet. Unfortunately, our paranoid planeteer mistakenly wore his AFDB on the outside of his helmet where the other two could see it, prompting them to attack with pickaxes.

The moral of this extraterrestrial exemplum? Always conceal or camouflage your beanie when out and about unless you too want to be pickaxed.

End of post.