Black Helicopter

Autopsy Photos

Photographic Evidence Of The Conspiracy


On October 25, 1999, I received a package from a trusted source with governmental access (more I cannot say, obviously) that contained still photos from a film shot during the autopsy of a juvenile Black Helicopter. I am posting them on the Internet to expose the truth of the existence of nanobiotechnological agents being used against citizens.

Little is known about the autopsy, who performed it, and who made the film. Only four stills of the film are known by my source to exist. The photos may have originated from a top-secret report on the film and autopsy, however the other contents of that report remain elusive.

The quality of the images is very poor and amateurish. This would suggest that the film -- and ergo the autopsy -- was done hastily, possibly by someone not trained to use a camera. The last image (going from numbers found on the pictures) seem to point to the autopsy ending with something going awry.

The date of the autopsy is unknowable from the evidence in hand.

The Photographic Evidence

Photo #1

The first photo apparently shows the BH prior to any incision being made. What I've determined to be a penny (unable to tell if it is American or Canadian) can be seen to the right of the head, indicating scale. The photo quality is adequate enough to make out some surface details of the BH.

Photo #2

The second photo shows the BH with its props removed and part of its carapace pulled back. Inside the opening near the base of the tail section there appears to be some sort of fleshy mass of a greenish hue. The mass is being retracted with forceps while an incision is made along the right side.

Photo #3

In the third photo you can better see the green fleshy mass in the upper left quadrant. There appears to be a whitish area under where the mass is being pulled back (I feel the streak of white along the side of the BH is reflected from the camera lights). The orientation of the BH is similar to that of the other photos, with the head at the top near the penny.

Photo #4

The last photo is puzzling. Even though it's much less focused than the others, you can make out a red light that seems to be emanating from under the BH. It's as if something unexpected happened and the camera operator lost control. Could the BH have still been alive? Was some sort of self-destruct mechanism tripped by the autopsy? Are we witnessing the first frame of an explosion or maybe a pulse energy weapon?


The aforementioned hasty and amateurish quality of the film could mean that the autopsy was an "unofficial" one, maybe done by people not working for the government. Following this line of thinking, we can speculate that the film may have been confiscated from erstwhile Black Helicopter researchers who are no longer willing -- or, more likely, able -- to talk about what happened and what they discovered.

Another possibility is that the autopsy was part of the official government research, conducted after a bursting as a form of "quality assurance". The quality of the film could be explained by it being shot during a field autopsy situation (researchers may have wished to examine a BH nurtured and burst in the wild under the target conditions) where someone was pressed into service to hold the camera (burstings most often occur during the night, maybe a trained cameraman was unavailable). If this was the case, then this particular BH appears to have been defective.

Until more evidence comes to light, we cannot conclusively say what happened. However, what is conclusive is that these photos do prove the existence of nanobiotechnological Black Helicopters.

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