Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

AFDB Usage

When To Use

As a matter of safety, you should wear your AFDB at all times since you never know when or where psychotronic signals will reach you. (Users of MindGuard are safe if they choose to be beanieless within its range but it would still be advisable to wear one; you never know when there will be a power failure.) Do not remove your AFDB before going to bed! When people are sleeping they are very vulnerable to mind control and need all the protection they can get.

Children and AFDBs

AFDBs are safe for use with children of any age. Toddlers and up can be fitted with an AFDB like the one described above, just bend back any excess aluminum. For newborns and infants, a full body covering of aluminum is advisable in addition to the AFDB to insure there is no psychotronic reflection through the mandible caused by the infant's usually supine position. Since a baby's skull is still knitting together giving it less natural skeletal protection, an extra layer of aluminum should be used in infant AFDB construction.

Also, it is important for pregnant women to start covering their womb with aluminum before the onset of the second trimester. This will ensure that harmful psychotronic engrams are not permanently stamped into the developing brain of your unborn child.

AFDBs for Pets

Pets are just as susceptible to psychotronics as humans -- probably even more so since they do not have as well developed a sense of self as humans do. AFDBs can and should be used to protect your pets just like you would yourself.

Pet AFDB construction is mostly the same as with human AFDBs, however size considerations need to be taken into account and adjusted accordingly. Pets with protruding, highly mounted ears such as cats, dogs, and llamas need to have holes cut into the AFDB to accommodate them. Great care must be taken when making these holes to leave enough extra aluminum to secure the hole around the base of the ear so no stray psychotronic rays leak in.

While concern for your pets' well being should be motivation enough to construct AFDBs for them, there is also another reason: any un-AFDBed entity with a central nervous system in your home -- even a beloved pet -- is a potential agent of the forces of mind control and may be used to spy on you or even bring physical harm against you. You are simply not safe with AFDBless pets in your home.

Warning signs of psychotronically affected pets:

  • Does your cat stare intently at empty space as if watching something?
  • Does your dog follow you around as if keeping track of you?
  • Does your goldfish seem content to merely swim around in a little bowl observing you?
  • Does your parrot say things that you never taught it to say, especially pro-NWO slogans?

AFDBs and Alien Abductions

Paraterrestrials (also referred to as "aliens" in the popular literature) are known to use psychotronic means of mind control to inculcate humanity to accept their evil agendas. AFDBs will work just as well against these signals as they do against human government and corporate ones.

Besides engaging in mind control, paraterrestrials are also known to conduct abductions of humans for unknown reasons (most likely for medical experiments). Most paraterrestrials that engage in abductions are too scrawny to lift humans with their arms, and so instead rely on technological means to move the abductee from his or her bed or pickup truck to the waiting UFO. Their desire to keep their subject unscathed during transit rules out their use of robotic type technologies and also requires that they restrain the abductee's movements. Research has shown that paraterrestrial abductors levitate their subject using some sort of controlled electromagnetic field, while at the same time using psychotronics to keep the subject immobile.

During the abduction, an electromagnetic field is somehow generated and controlled from afar around the abductee's body which causes him or her to levitate due to an intrinsic property of water, of which human flesh is mostly composed. This levitation effect -- called diamagnetism -- has been duplicated by human scientists, albeit only in controlled laboratory settings using bulky equipment and small animals.

While an AFDB will certainly stop the psychotronic mind control that is used to keep the abductee immobile during the levitation process, it does not seem able to stop the electromagnetic field used for levitation. However, a researcher has found a way to interfere with this field and thereby keep the paraterrestrials from being able to levitate their abductees. This technology uses an AFDB like device worn on the head that contains Velostat, an EMF shielding material which acts to disrupt the formation of the paraterrestrial's levitation field, foiling the abduction attempt. If you suspect that paraterrestrials are attempting to abduct you, I suggest using a combination of AFDB and Velostat technologies.

70's Swedish disco sensation ABBA demonstrates improper AFDB usage.

neo-60's mod Elizabeth Hurley demonstrates proper usage and accessorization.

Developing child mentally secure in aluminium blanket.

Your mind's best friend... and his too!

The eyes are an extension of the brain. Consider covering them with foil when not in use...

Gary Molitor in 1976, a man ahead of his time
...and don't forget your sinuses.

AFDB Maintenance

How To Maintain

An AFDB may be cleaned with a towel moistened with soapy water. Do not submerge your AFDB in water or use alcohol as this may destickify the tape. Consider making a spare AFDB to wear while cleaning your main one.

You should construct a new AFDB about every other month, depending on the psychotronic traffic in your area. Users who have moved into an aluminum lined bunker and who only use their AFDB when going out to grocery shop, etc. may forego replacement for up to six months.


It is possible for aluminum to corrode enough to compromise psychotronic shielding under extreme situations, such as acid rain storms. If you live or visit areas where extreme corrosion is possible, you should take precautions by:

  1. Increasing aluminum foil thickness during AFDB construction.
  2. Coating your AFDB with a protective substance such as paint or covering it with a non-corrodible shielding such as a hat.
  3. Replacing your AFDB often.

Under normal usage, an AFDB will experience minor surface corrosion. This is normal and should not alarm you. When aluminum is exposed to air, it quickly forms a surface layer of aluminum oxide. In fact, you have probably never seen aluminum without this type corrosion. This layer of oxidization will actually protect the rest of the AFDB from further and more destructive corrosion. Do not try and scrape it off! As long as you monitor your AFDB and replace it every other month as directed above, serious corrosion should not be an issue.

Care should be taken when using latex paints on your beanie as they contain ammonia which will chemically react with the aluminum oxide layer to create a gas. While this will not harm the AFDB in and of itself, it will create bubbles under the paint that can break and allow other corrosive substances to leak in and come into contact with the now-oxide-depleted aluminum surface. It is suggested to first use a thinned oil based metal primer on the AFDB surface to isolate the latex paint from the protective aluminum oxide layer.


Are AFDBs dangerous to wear during lightning storms? The risk of being struck by lightning has more to do with where you are than what you are wearing. An AFDB -- or any metallic object in your immediate possession -- may increase your chances of being hit, but that increase is negligible compared to the increase chance due to being in a area at high lightning strike risk. In other words, if you are standing on a hill in a lightning storm you're in danger no matter what you are wearing. AFDB bedecked people in lightning-safe areas are at no more immediate, measurable risk than their mind control-addled neighbors. In fact, people without AFDBs during lightning storms are at higher long-term risk for the following reasons:

  1. Any psychotronic signals that they are receiving may be altered by the electrical fields of the storm causing them to behave erratically -- possibly violently -- putting themselves at risk for personal injury.
  2. A mind control agent could issue them commands that cause them to step into the storm, putting themselves at risk of lightning strike.
  3. If the lightning storm is very destructive, FEMA agents may arrive on the scene (with portable psychotrons in tow) to assess damage and psychotronically inculcate dependency and submission to the Federal Father in any unAFDBed victims.

Photo by Donna L. Perelli, 1993
The corrosive force of the mighty Pacific Ocean is no match for the AFDB. As an added bonus, electric fields generated by the interaction of aluminum and salt water may act as a shark deterrent.