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The Shocking Truth About Project Starshine

I've been expecting you, Mr Bond!
Is this man the mastermind behind Project Starshine?

Project Starshine is a NASA supported program that aims to place an armada of orbital psychotronic transceivers in the night sky for the purpose of intercontinental mind control. Under the guise of "educating children" they have used child laborers to manually polish the Starshine satellites' many aluminum deflector elements which are then delivered to a secret military compound for assembly. Are your kids being forced by the Public Schools to labor on its construction?

The Starshine satellites are covered in small, round aluminum deflector elements which are used to target mind control rays, shot from ground-based psychotrons, on to the heads of unsuspecting people across the globe. The project is headed up by a mysterious man (pictured right) who is possibly aligned with the Century 21 movement, a futurist faction of the New World Order that seeks to institute a global utopian technocracy and has been buying up land in North America for decades in preparation for the new Millennium.

Below is listed what is known so far about this dangerous project:

Known Starshine Satellites

Starshine 1

The first Starshine satellite was deployed 1999-06-05 and re-entered the atmosphere on 2000-02-18. While Project Starshine propagandists have claimed that it burned up on re-entry, most likely it is still roaming the skies, possibly in your neighborhood, looking for potential mind control victims. Consider it armed and dangerous! Do not make eye contact!

Starshine 2

Starshine 2 was deployed on December 15, 2001 and crept back into the atmosphere on April 30, 2002. This satellite was generally considered a ruse to distract attention from the more dangerous Starshine 3, which was sneakily launched months before Starshine 2.

Starshine 3

Starshine 3 -- designed to watch over "all the children of the world" -- was launched 2001-09-30. "We have been deployed and we are operating" threatened the shadowy figure behind Project Starshine. See below for more information on this satellite's capabilities.

UPDATE: In a surprise move on 2003-01-21, Starshine 3 re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, joining its brothers -- Starshine 1 & Starshine 2 -- in skulking through the night looking for victims. Or has it? Officials for Project Starshine are desperately soliciting sighting reports from the general public. Could it be that they don't know where it is? Could Starshine 3 have gone rogue, uncontrolled even by the nefarious forces behind Project Starshine? Is panic warranted at this time? Answers: Yes, yes, & dear-God-yes!

Future Starshines

The most dastardly Starshines to date -- Starshines 4 and 5 -- have been constructed, but we will be spared their incessant gaze until 2004 at the earliest. (Apparently, the satellites were to be launched sooner but were bumped from their shuttle mission by more furative forces bent on delivering control moment gyroscopes to the International Space Station. Could the Canadian megabotics program be heating up? Will we finally see the true purpose of the ISS revealed: a platform for giant space arms capable of hurling asteroids at the Earth?)

Photographic Evidence

Here is an email that I received from an inside source. It contains shocking new photographic evidence about Starshine 3:

From: "Deep Throat"
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001
Subject: St*rsh*ne 3
I can't tell you who I am. All I can say is that I'm on the inside.
Your worst fears about the Starshine program aren't enough.
I've included a picture of Starshine 3, a picture "they" don't want you to see.
The man behind the satellite is one of the evil masterminds behind the project (note the protective clothing).
You'll notice that this time, it is larger and it has antennas.
This means that it has greater capacity and the ability to tailor it's transmissions.
If it makes you afraid...good.
I'm in too deep... but this needs to get out.
Don't reply, I'm already in too much danger.
Starshine 3 and mysterious man
Probable psychotronic ray gun array

This is Starshine 3 being tended to by another mysterious man. It is much larger than Starshines 1 and 2 and features more elaborate construction. Note in particular the radial structures in the upper left, lower middle and by the man's face (enlargement on right). From studying the image and other sorces of information, I can surmise that these are psychotronic ray guns. This means that Project Starshine isn't merely creating deflector platforms for ground-based psychotrons as previously thought, but actual, autonomous psychotronic transmitters!

Enhancement of mysterious man's face

Using special ZPI image-enhancing software, I was able to isolate and enlarge portions of this image. Here we see the man leering at the dastardly device. We can clearly tell from his goatee and choice of red back-lighting that he must be aligned with the evil forces of mind control. As noted in the email, he is wearing some sort of deflective headwear - no doubt to protect himself from his own nefarious evil-doing.