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History Of Aluminum And Psychotronics

Pre-Modern Aluminum Usage

There is a long history of using aluminum to both deflect mind control signals and to control them. Evidence suggests that the ancient Atlanteans used aluminum armor and psychotrons in their wars with the Phoenician Old Dynasty. Some have even suggested that the destruction of the Atlantian culture was directly caused by the resulting environmental disaster of aluminum mining that was needed for the war effort. They literally strip-mined their island into nonexistence!

Although the Egyptians rediscovered and employed psychotronic technology, and their devices were later occasionally used -- albeit in complete ignorance of how they worked -- by Greek and Roman individuals, these later technologies paled in comparison to what the Atlanteans had achieved. It wasn't until the Middle Ages that Atlantean levels of sophistication were once again being reached. The chief instigator of this rebirth was the Catholic Church, who sought to control much of Europe via mind control. Decadence and corruption followed from their success and the level of the technology once again decayed.

Modern Aluminum Usage

The first truly modern instance of anti-psychotronic aluminum use was in the late 18th century by the American statesman, philosopher, and inventor Benjamin Franklin. His discoveries were built upon in the beginning of the 20th century by Yugoslavian born electrical genius Nikola Tesla. Of course, the US military has been researching aluminum for use in psychotronic weapons and armor as long as it has been involved in mind control, which is to say since it's inception.

Washington Monument:

Because of aluminum's psychotronic-deflecting properties, it has also been used by mind control agents to aim and focus their signals. For example: the small aluminum pyramid at the top of the Washington Monument obelisk (which towers over Washington DC) is used as a focal point for the dissemination of mind control throughout the Capital. Stations run by the FBI, NSA, Disney, the Secret Service, and others are scattered around the Capital beltway, within line-of-sight of the Washington Monument. These stations aim their psychotrons at the top of it, which amplifies and radiates the signal out to affect the Course of the Empire. (This is also why the One Dollar bill has an all seeing eye over the pyramid on the back, with the phrase "New World Order" in Latin. It symbolizes the true nature of the American Democratic Process.)

(I have received an email [2000-09-15] that exposes a shocking, but not entirely unexpected, truth about the Capitol Building dome in Washington DC.)


Another example of aluminum-based psychotronic manipulation is the addition of aluminum to coins, ostensibly to lower production costs. Patterning of the aluminum, either in alloy percentage or shape, can be used to deflect psychotronic beams in controlled ways, causing a signal to be amplified, redirected, or encoded with identification tags. This technology, used in the United States and Europe, turns people's pocket change into psychotronic transceivers and tracking devices.

Coin psychotronics, although flirted with by a number of countries throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, really came of age in the 1970's in the US. In 1974 the US Mint produced all-aluminum pennies in an attempt to move the technology to a new level. The obviousness of the change in appearance of the coins doomed this experiment to failure, and all coins were ordered rounded up and destroyed by the US government in order to hide their plans. Possession of these pennies was made illegal by the US Congress. Any citizen caught owning one can expect a visit by the Secret Service and confiscation of the incriminating evidence. The only "legal" one of these pennies in existence resides in the Smithsonian, placed there by special act of Congress to mock US citizens as they tour their nation's capital.

The US government, however, recovered after that failure. Ever since the late '70s, the US Mint has used a sandwiching process to embed special, undetectable aluminum circuitry into every coin. A number of countries in Europe adopted various incompatible forms of this psychotronic technology shortly thereafter, and the desire for a European mind control standard is the main impetus behind the introduction of the Euro.

HELP NEEDED: I'm looking for published references to AFDBs or similar devices. Any book, magazine, comic, movie, tv show, recording, etc. that makes some reference, no matter how small or in passing, to putting metal foil on one's head to block mental intrusions, especially those prior to the 1990s. If you know of any, please email me at Thank you.

Medieval attempt at surgical mind control depicted by Hieronomyous Bosch. Note surgeon's primitive AFDB.

Süleyman the Magnificent, leader the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century, disguised his massive AFDB from his psychotronically-advanced adversaries, the Catholic Church and Holy Roman Empire, with a cunning turban covering.

US Army aluminum anti-psychotronic armor c. 1950.

The Washington Monument.

Replica of aluminum pyramid at the top of the Washington Monument (left). Pyramid Eye from the One Dollar Bill (right).

Psychotronic engineers examine their evil handiwork atop the monument.