Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

Special Information for Student Website Evaluators

Has your instructor suggested to you that information on the web may not be trustworthy and has then shown you a list of sites for you to "evaluate"? Does this presentation bias you against the sites on the list, prompting you to try and view them as all being false? Are you rewarded for believing the websites false with some form of social approval, such as a good grade or verbal praise? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a victim of mind control.

Teachers, librarians and other informational gatekeepers are part of the conspiracy to control how you think. They are hired by groups with a vested interest in promoting certain worldviews -- worldviews that give these groups power and wealth -- and are thus selected based on their ability to shape people's minds to that end. The person who sent you here to "evaluate" this site is a part of this conspiracy to subvert your mind.

How may you combat this insidious abuse of power? For starters, do not trust those with power to control you or your access to information. Be skeptical of anything they say or suggest is true. If they say or suggest something is false, chances are it is actually true.

Another important thing you can do is construct and wear an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie. This will block the psychotronic mind control that is being broadcast via psychotrons hidden in overhead projectors. However, be careful! If they catch you wearing an AFDB during class they will know that you are on to them and will punish you. You can camouflage your AFDB by wearing a backwards baseball cap over it, that way you'll blend right in with 90% of your peers.

Still not convinced of anything underhanded going on? Well then, please examine these websites:

Look familiar? Isn't it strange how these supposedly unconnected websites all have similar content that, among other things, biases people against Deflector Beanie technology? What are the odds of your instructor and all these sites choosing the same "examples" to single out for "evaluation" by chance? Clearly there is a conspiracy behind the scenes orchestrating this, but who is running this conspiracy?

An answer can be surmised by examining the site addresses. Note in particular the addresses of the last six which all contain the subdomain "k12". This shows that these sites are in league with the K12 or "Kindergarten 12", a Federally run operation that seeks to shape the minds of the nation's youth -- in other words, a mind control agency. This shadow agency -- which, as its name implies, has Bavarian connections -- is itself a subset of the even shadowier MJ12 or "Majestic 12", which answers directly and only to the President of the United States on matters dealing with secretive research, development, and intelligence.

Furthermore, consider this other anti-deflector-beanie site: "Good Stuff or Garbage". Notice how their "4-finger test for credibility" says you should trust without question any site with a government suffix? Or how they unjustly and without evidence impugn the research of Dr. Joseph Schmoe, noted conspiracy theorist and watchdog of government websites, merely because his home office is in his basement?

I'll leave the rest for you to "evaluate" on your own...