Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

Alternatives To Aluminum

The Aluminum/Tin Debate

In general, when people say "tin foil" they really mean aluminum foil. But what about tin (Sn)? Does it have the same anti-psychotronic properties as aluminum? Most experts agree that tin does have an effect but opinions are divided as to whether or not it is as good as aluminum. A small, but vocal, contingent even argues that tin is superior, but they are held by most to be the lunatic fringe of Foil Deflector Beanie science. I would advise people wishing to build a Deflector Beanie to stick with aluminum whenever possible since it is a proven technology.

I have received [1998-10-23] an email from a reader about tin, its relationship to Atlantian anti-psychotronics, and an international conspiracy to control its production. You will find it here along with links and other info about tin.

Lead: Demon or Saviour?

You hear a lot these days about how bad lead is, how old lead based products such as paint and automotive fuel are causing people to die. Why, one would think that it was some sort of Global Crisis! In fact, the harmfulness of lead is a myth spread by various mind control groups to keep people from filling the environment with radiation retarding lead. The ability of lead to block radiation is common knowledge, the stuff of pop-culture reference. But what people don't realize is that psychotronic radiation is just as unable to get through lead as the more commonly known, and less encountered, types of radiation, such as x-rays. By ridding our cities of their lead-filled, mind control shielding smog blankets; our lakes of lead enriched fish; and our homes of healthy, lead based paint-flake snacks; we are being deprived of a major form of psychotronic protection.

Question: Can lead foil be used in place of aluminum foil in a deflector beanie? Yes, it would work very well. The problem is finding lead foil. It is not as easily found as aluminum, and since all tests of aluminum have shown it to be highly effective in deflector beanie form, why put yourself out trying to find it? The advantages gained would be small and could be easily matched by increasing the thickness of the aluminum foil layers.

In the future, when more people learn about aluminum's anti-psychotronic properties, will the same front agencies that have been involved in ridding our world of lead find some "health threat" in aluminum? How much longer until the FDA "finds" some link between cancer and aluminum soda cans? Will they start with warning labels or move directly to banning? Time will only tell.

Active Anti-Psychotronics

Another form of mind control protection uses devices that actively jam or scramble psychotronic signals. The issues involved with these are beyond the scope of the AFDB homepage, but Amiga and Linux users may visit the MindGuard page for info on turning their computers into just such a device.