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2007-02-22 (UPDATED 2007-03-24) Larger Colossal Squid Caught
New Zealand fishermen in the Ross Sea have caught a colossal squid weighing an estimated 495kg. Click link for collected factoids.

Older Special Reports:

2003-07-01 (UPDATED 2003-07-11) Chilean Blob: Not A Cephalopod
A 12 meter long blob was found on a beach in Chile. It was suspected of being a giant octopus. Turned out to be decayed whale blubber.
2003-04-01 (UPDATED 2003-05-24) Colossal Squid Caught
Fishermen near Antarctica have caught a rare, virtually intact specimen of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni (or "colossal squid") -- a very large, very aggressive squid with scores of razor-sharp hooks on its tentacles. Includes article round-up, photos and email from Steve O'Shea.

Recent Headlines

2015-05-20 Octopus Can See With Its Skin (UCSB PR)
A new study demonstrates that an octopus's skin possesses the same cellular mechanism for detecting light as its eyes do. (Paper abstract.)
2015-04-12 Octopus Takes Photos Of Her Aquarium Visitors (CNET)
The octopus, named Rambo, has been trained to take photos of visitors who stop by to see her at Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, NZ
2015-01-22 Japanese Fisherman Capture Live Giant Squid (Business Insider)
Local fisherman have reported a disturbing rise in giant squid catches in the past year or so. They say the squid are coming closer to the surface.
2015-01-21 Jumbo Squid Speak by "Flashing" Each Other (NatGeo)
Giant Humboldt squid speak to each other in flashes of color, their whole bodies quickly changing from red to white and back again. But just what they're communicating has long been a mystery to scientists. Now, new video analysis is allowing marine biologists to begin cracking this jumbo squid's code.
2014-07-28 Social Octopus Species Shatters Beliefs About Ocean Dwellers (NatGeo)
Most octopuses are loners, but larger Pacific striped octopuses display surprising social behaviors -- living in groups of possibly up to 40, laying multiple egg clutches, and mating face-to-face and sucker-to-sucker.
2014-05-15 Scientists Discover How Octopuses Avoid Tying Themselves In Knots (io9)
There are many things that make the octopus a strange creature, but one of them is that each of its eight arms has an essentially infinite number of positions, and yet each arm operates independently. How does an octopus keep from tying itself in knots?
2014-04-29 Scientists Learn How to Put an Octopus to Sleep (Scientific American)
While we are pretty adept at anesthetizing mice and monkeys, the mollusk body works so differently that human researchers are sill largely in the dark.
2013-12-13 What It's Like to Be an Octopus (LiveScience)
Imagine for a moment what it might be like to be an octopus. You're smart. You might even be able to use tools. But most of your brain cells are packed into your limbs.
2013-10-24 How Do You Incubate Cuttlefish Eggs (Monterey Bay Aquarium)
For $2.50 and "a day in the life of one volunteer," Aquarist Bret Grasse makes a better bubbler out of soda bottles, plastic tubing and silicone glue.
2013-10-03 Beachgoers In Spain Discover 30-foot Giant Squid (GrindTV)
Carcass found in Cantabria is that of the mysterious and fabled Architeuthis Dux.
2013-08-27 Even Severed Octopus Arms Have Smart Moves (Sci. Am.)
Octopus's arms are not entirely under the control of the octopus's brain. And new research shows just how deep their independence runs -- even when they are detached.
2013-08-27 Noodle-Armed Deep-sea Squid Mystery Solved (Nat. Geo.)
New video shows Grimalditeuthis bonplandi -- a deep-sea squid -- wiggle tentacle tips to attract their meals.
2013-08-19 Photos: Baby Nautilus (ZooBorns)
The first baby Nautilus for Birch Aquarium at Scripps.
2013-02-08 Japanese Researchers Confirm Squid Can Fly (AFP)
"There were always witnesses and rumours that said squid were seen flying, but no one had clarified how they actually do it. We have proved that it really is true." Neon Flying Squid can fly more than 30 metres through the air at up to 11.2 metres per second.
2013-01-08 The Kraken Wakes: First Images Of Giant Squid Filmed In Deep Ocean (Reuters)
The images of the silvery, three-meter long cephalopod, looming out of the darkness nearly 1 km below the surface, were taken last July near the Ogasawara islands, 1,000 km south of Tokyo. video excerpt.
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